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Cougar girls soccer on track to avenge sectional loss

by Abigail Hurst/Staff Writer 

Photo taken by Lizan Brand.

The GC girls’ soccer team has won five games out of six this season and are on track to avenge their close sectional loss from last year.

Morgan Murdoch, 10, said the girls’ work ethic is strong. “We never give up. We work for what we want.”

Kelsi McLaughlin, 9,  said the girls have improved a lot so far this season. “We pass a lot better, we move off the ball, and we talk to each other.” Murdoch also said, “I think that we have improved on looking up and knowing where we are going to pass.”

Macy Huber, 10, mentioned the team’s versatility.  “We are all bonded really well and we have so many players that can play multiple positions really well.”

Murdoch said, “We are doing awesome this year.” Huber also said, “This season I feel like we have really been working together a lot more.”

The girls’ soccer team prepares through their drills. They work diligently on shooting, scrimmaging, and on ball touches. Huber said, “Brazilians [are my favorite drill] because they really help me with my first touches on the ball.” Murdoch also said, “My favorite drill or part of practice is probably when we work on shooting and when we scrimmage.”

The soccer team’s most substantial rival is a neighboring school. Huber said, “Our biggest rival definitely has to be Mt. Vernon. They are our rival because they are another Hancock County School and we just work really had to beat them every year.”

Several members of the team said they are looking forward to playing New Palestine this year. “We are looking forward to the New Palestine game the most I feel like because they have some really good players. They can play multiple positions just like some of the girls on our team,” Huber said.

Murdoch complimented the coach, Erin Clark.  Murdoch said, “ I like that she doesn’t give up on us. She pushes us because she know we can do it and she does so much for our team.”

Huber said,  “I really like her because she pushes us to our maximum potential.”

  Emily Davidson, 11, also had admiration for her coach. “She invests a lot into the team and our season, and she cares about us all individually.” Lucy Brand, 12, also said, “I love her because she is not only a really good coach, but I can talk to her on a personal level about whatever I might need.”

Huber talked about the team and their camaraderie. She said, “I love being on this team because we all work really good together, and we all work for each other so the team as a whole can succeed. I feel like we are all forming a bond that is helping us be a whole when we get on the game field.”

Brand shared her opinion about the team and their conviviality. “My favorite part about being part of the team is the friendships that have been made throughout it. I’m really happy I could end my senior season on a good note.”

Murdoch also talked about the team and their fellowship. “I like being on the team because of having the support of the girls and just having a fun season together.”  Schuyler Slunaker, 10, also said,Soccer season is my favorite season just because I feel comfortable with the team. It’s like a family with all of the players.”