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Boys Basketball team Prepares for Sectionals

By Mariam Elassal/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Basketball cougars are on the defense

With only 5 games left in their season and an overall record score of 4-13-1, the boys basketball team and coach are practicing hard to end their season on a high note. With their main goal to make a run in and win sectionals- the team is practicing different drills and creating game plans to increase skill level and their chance of winning.

The boys basketball practices generally consist of breaking down a game plan, scrimmaging, as well as various shooting drills and free throws all led by coach, Lukas Haworth.

During a game, it all comes down to how the athletes play on the court, but behind that needs to be a close team featuring a tight bond. Brian Long, 12, states “The way we get to where we want to go as a team is by staying locked into what we’re doing, believing in ourselves and one another, as well as competing every time we take the floor.” Long also states he has a strong bond with everyone on his team and he has created friendships that will last a lifetime.

Matt Turner, 12, says “My team is family, being a senior, I feel like I know everyone on the team and are very close with them, including all the trainers and managers; we are all one big family and I love em all.”

Will O’Connor, 12, also has a special bond with his team, “We are all really good friends. Us 5 seniors have been playing together for a long time, we even hang outside of school. The team chemistry is really good and we are really close.”

Prior to a game, Turner prefers to keep to himself and to try not to do too much physical activity. Long likes to listen to music to block out noise and distractions. O’Connor, 12 likes to go over the game plan and focus on how they will play.

“The Mt. Vernon game has stuck in my mind because that was a four-overtime game. It was cool because I hit the pull up shot to send into over time.” O’Connor states and also mentions senior night, “Senior night was a lot of fun, we won by a lot and I got to play with my brother who is a freshman, it was really cool.”

With the end of the season approaching, the boys basketball team is practicing hard to ensure a win in sectionals and achieve that season-long goal.

Boys’ swim continues to smash records

by Reilly Hodnett/Staff Writer

So far in this season, the men’s swimming and diving team has won all their dual meets and broken numerous records.

Zach Cook, 12, swims the 100 butterfly and the 100 back. Not only does he swim individual events but he also competes in the 200 medley relay and 400 free relay. This season he broke his own 500 Freestyle school record on Dec. 18 with a 4:49.43.

At the Hamilton Southeastern invitational, the boys broke three meet records for the invitational: the 100 fly event by Cook, the 200 Free Relay of Chris Joven, 12, Travis Black, 9, Ethan Kile, 12, and Cook, and the 400 Free Relay team of Joven, Sam Jennings, 10, Kile and Cook. The relay team of Joven, Black, Kile and Cook also broke a 6-year-old school record in the 200 Free Relay.  Cook set the pool record in the 100 fly and the 400 Free Relay team set a pool record while at Hamilton Southeastern.

Additionally, Ben Rader broke the school record for 6 dives on Dec. 7 at Pendleton Heights.

Sam Jennings, 10, started swimming in fifth grade. For high school swim he swims the 200 and 500 freestyle. He also swims the 400 and 200 freestyle relays. Jennings enjoys the team-building aspects of swimming. “We do a team cheer at the beginning and usually a cheer in the middle of the meet after diving. It gets us pumped up,” he said.

Not only does the swim team have a close team, but they also have great success in the pool, winning 8 sectional titles in a row. They also have great success in the classroom. The overall GPA for the boys’ team last year was 3.5. The overall team goals are to win sectionals and score as high as possible.


Wrestlers start season strong

by Alexis Sisson/Staff Writer

Photo by Taylor Gibson- Hunter Gulden, 11, takes on his opponent.

The boy’s wrestling team here at GC is off to a great start and feeling positive about the rest of the season. Their season record so far is 3-1. They recently finished with a second place at the New Pal 6-Way Tournament. 

Hunter Gulden, 11, has been on the wrestling team for 5 years now. He is happy with the direction the season is taking. “The season is going very well and we are running through other teams. I’m doing the best I’ve ever done so far,” he said.

Micah Ballenger, 12, has been on the wrestling team for 4 years. He said he likes that the wrestling team works really hard. He also said that a hard-working team not only makes you a better wrestler but makes you a better person. “The biggest obstacle I have faced so far and am still facing is the ankle fracture I had a couple months ago. It has affected my season but i am hoping to get back to wrestling soon to help the team during sectionals.”

Gulden also spoke about the team being close and helping each other. “I like how we’re all family. There’s not a stronger bond than we have.”

Coach Josh Holden thinks that the season is good so far. He said the boys are working very hard and getting better. “I’m always proud of my boys unless they don’t give effort.  I can take losing.  I can’t tolerate giving less than your best effort.  One of the things I love the most about wrestling is that you don’t have to be big or fast or a great athlete.  If you work your tail off and are coachable you usually do pretty well, and that’s something to be proud of.”  Some team goals are to get better every day, be great teammates and win conference and sectionals.

Some of Gulden’s future goals are to make state and hopefully win. “Our team goals are to send at least 6 to state and win our first sectional title under Coach Holden,” Gulden said.

Ballenger’s objectives were along the same lines.  “The only goal I am shooting for the future is to be a state champion,” Ballenger said.

With all the hard-working boys and coaches the boys’ wrestling team is off to a good start. On Nov. 30 they won 59-16 against Franklin Central. Since that event the boys have worked even harder to be better and to win their next event.


Girls basketball season underway

by Alexis Sisson/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Jessica Farrell, 12, brings the ball down for a layup. 

The girls’ basketball team is five games into their new season and feeling positive about how things are progressing.

Jessica Farrell, 12, sees the season going well. “We got a new coach this year, but we are all adjusting well to his coaching style,” she said.

Hannah Farrell, 10, said she was also happy with the way practice is going. “I feel like we are getting better and we have a lot of fun while doing it. I think we are going to surprise people.”

Jessica said she likes how positive the new coach, Joshua Means, is.  Hannah said Coach Means brings energy to the court.

Hannah said some goals the team has are to slow down the pace of the game and to have minimum turnovers. Jessica said another team goal is winning their conference. “As a team we are definitely getting better and we are creating a great team dynamic,” Jessica said.

One of Jessica’s goals is to get better after an injury last season. She said,  “My goal for this year is to remain healthy all season, to get better each day and always give (my) personal best effort.  I am looking forward to being out on the floor and playing this year after being forced to sit out all last season from an injury.”

For team-building outside of practice, they plan to have dinner before every conference games, and decorate their lockers. “Inside of practice we try to really be positive and give high-fives. We always break on center court after practice and end with giving everyone high-fives,” Jessica said.

Both Jessica and Hannah think HSE will be among the hardest competitors. Hannah said, “They are very skilled overall and have a great program.”

Jared Manning, athletic director, said that Coach Means brings both playing and coaching experiences to the team. Manning looks forward to seeing the positive growth of the team and the entire program under Means’ leadership.


Swim team prepares for another high-achieving season

by Hailey Hall/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Daniel Joven, 11, practices on the swim team after school.

The GC girls swim team, sectional winners four times in a row now, is preparing for their new season. Their first meet is Nov. 18 at 10:00 am, the Turkey Breast Invitational. 

Alexis Zell, 12, a veteran of the swim team, and Anna Seal, 9, who is new to the girls swim team, are among the many people participating on the girls swim team.   

When you’re on a team such as swim, having goals for yourself and the team is very important, especially when the team is also a two-time Hoosier Heritage Conference winner. 

“My individual goals for this season are to break 1 minute in the 100 free and 26 seconds in the 50 free. As a team we hope to win a 3rd conference title and 5th sectional title, as well as send multiple individuals to state,” Zell said.

“My individual goal would be to get a proper stroke to get faster times. As for my team goals would be it would be to get to state,” Seal said.

While having goals is always good, it can be tough to achieve those goals.

“To attain these goals my teammates and I will continue to practice both in and out of the pool. We will work to build our endurance and technique in order to be our best in competition.” Zell said.

“Both the men and women’s swim teams recently made goal boards with each one of each team member’s’ goals written on them. When goals are put in writing it easier to hold yourself and your teammates accountable.” Zell said.

According to Zell , the girls swim team’s biggest competition is Pendleton; they played very well last year.  

Being mentally prepared for the upcoming season is very important as well.

“I think the biggest thing I’ve done to mentally prepare for this season is to consider my goals and focus on having fun while still working hard to achieve those goals,” Zell said.

Staying focused on your goals can be challenging.  “My team stays focused on our goals by helping and encouraging each other before and during every practice and reminding each other that we are always there for one another,” Seal said.



GC volleyball 4-1 at home this season

by Mariam Elassal/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Photo retrieved from @gccougarsvolleyball from instagram

This picture shows Makayla Price, 9, in action. Price was named HHC Co-player of the week after tallying 19 kills and 17 digs against Lafayette Central Catholic on September 9.

With their recent win over Decatur Central, the GC volleyball girls have had a great first half of their season. The Cougars beat Decatur with a score of 2-0. The Cougars stand at 11-8 on the season.

Alissa Knecht, 9, who plays setter on varsity,  is taking on her first season of high school volleyball and has many goals. “One of my main goals this season is to just grow as a player, and to learn and improve from my mistakes.”

Knecht, who has been playing volleyball since she was in fourth grade along with club volleyball, has her own strengths and weaknesses just like any other player. “A weakness of mine is that I am only a freshman and don’t have much high school volleyball experience and I am only 5’5, so not as tall as other players.”

All athletes have bad days. Grace Silcox, 10, plays outside attacker on the junior varsity team. “It’s hard when I have a bad day, I usually talk it out with my mom and focus on how I could’ve done better. I also focus on how I’m going to fix it the next game,” she stated.

A volleyball practice generally consists of an individual practice, called the toolbox, followed by the varsity and junior varsity teams splitting off into their individual courts. As a warm up, the teams will pass and hit. Once the players are warmed up, Coach Travis Fuller will have the team work on scenarios and rotations depending on what needs to be strengthened at the team.

The team practices 6 days a week, if one of those practices hasn’t been a game. By the end of the week, the team devotes about 18+ hours to volleyball, not including team bonding. At the moment, the Greenfield Central volleyball team has a season record of 11-8.

After games, Coach Fuller will talk to the team about what he thought of the game. “If team wins, our tradition for an away game is for the bus to take laps around the roundabout.”

In one of their most recent games, varsity player, Molly Broome, 11, recorded her 2,000th career assist. She was 168 short of the all time record.  Price, who plays outside attacker, recorded 13 kills. The Cougars will play Southport High School on Sept. 25.

Boys’ tennis: Hard work, tough opponents

by Alexis Sisson/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Logan Hager

The boy’s tennis team have had some struggles in their season, but they keep fighting. They are 5-10 right now.

Both varsity and JV came in 3rd place at county on Sept. 9. They also came in 3rd place at the Triton Central Invitational on Aug. 26.

Important wins for the Cougars include: Scecina Memorial, Cardinal Ritter and Morristown.

Garrett McKee, 11 said the opponents this year have been pretty tough.

“I think that the boys tennis team has faced some challenging teams like Delta, New Pal, and Franklin,” McKee said.  “Although we lost against those teams, there are other teams that are more our skill level so we will have a better chance of winning.”

McKee said the coach and the new players have added a encouraging effect.

“Some highlights for the tennis season so far are meeting new freshman and seeing what they bring to the team,” McKee said. “Another highlight is having a good coach that will show you how to improve any way possible.”

Mason Bussell, 11, said he was feeling positive about the season overall.

“I feel we are doing good for where we are at with our depth,” Bussell said. “Win or loss, we always come out with the same exact attitude the very next day to get better. We have had some big team moments and big team wins.”

Bussell said the team has put in a lot of work so far.

“We practice 3 hours a day so we get plenty of work in at practice,” Bussell said. “Tennis is not an easy sport nor something for everyone, tennis takes time and effort.”

Steven Roland, 11, agreed with Bussell about the work involved.

“Tennis for me personally gets a little easier every year. You get more in shape every year,  and you start finding new things to improve or work on.  Now if you look at the work some players including me, go out and get lessons, and we play year round and tennis is our main sport.”

He also added that the team starts workouts around the start of July.  

“It all really depends on how much work you want to put in,” Roland said.  “Sometimes we will go home sore, drenched in sweat, tired to the point if you sit down you’re going to fall asleep.”

McKee said he tries to come out to practice every day and give 110%. There are some days where he may not be feeling the best, but he said he still tries to contribute something to our tennis team.

McKee also said, “Tennis is definitely something that everyone can master with time. We all have to start somewhere and usually that start is not good but as we put in time and effort we become varsity level tennis players.

Roland said, “I wouldn’t say tennis is hard but it’s definitely not easy.  By the end of the year we are surprised at how much you can improve your tennis game in a short amount of time.”


Softball seniors discuss great season

By Grace Gray/ Staff Writer

The GC softball team has had the same goal for the past few years: win twenty games, and win the Cougar Classic Tournament. Although they didn’t quite accomplish it last year with 17 wins, it is still a goal for this year. With a current record of 17-3, they’re not far from accomplishing these goals this time.

“This season has gone extremely well so far, and I think we could go a long way in sectionals this year,” said Morganne Denny, 12, “I believe we’re ready to win and dominate.”

Casey McDaniel, 12, said, “We had one of our best starts ever with a 16-1 start, and we just get better every game.” The team won the section title in 2015, and were in the championship game in 2016. McDaniel continued, “The seniors especially want to come back and win that title to redeem ourselves.”

The team has accomplished many things this season. “The highlight of my season was breaking the home run record. It felt amazing and just showed that hard work pays off,” said Denny.

Katelynn Condrey, 12, said “In my opinion, the highlight of our season was beating Noblesville.”  

The seniors say they are sad to say goodbye to high school softball, but are so grateful for their experiences. Anna Evans, 12, said “The highlight of this season is knowing that this year is my last year playing high school ball and last time playing softball. My four years playing softball here at Greenfield have been so competitive and I’ve learned so much.”

The plan to end the season is to be successful in the next conference games and go far in sectionals. “We’re all hoping to end the season strong. I believe we can go all the way in sectionals and regionals, and even state,” said Denny.

Condrey said, “I hope all of us seniors have left a legacy of hope with the underclassmen that we are capable of accomplishing anything.”

The Lady Cougars will be in action in a playoff game this Monday May 22 at Muncie Central High School.

Young boys golf team focuses on personal bests

By Mariam Elassal/ Staff Writer

Photo: Noah Mohler, 10. Mohler is one of the top scorers for the Varsity team.

The boys golf team may be small in number, but they are determined. They started off their season with two losses but immediately kicked back into beating Anderson High School with a score of 205, followed by another win to Warren Central High School with a score of 213. GC boys golf current overall record is 3-5-1.

Coach Jeremy Spencer, said that there is very little pre-season conditioning as students are involved in other sports and most players go to camps or take lessons in the off-season.

“I prepare my team by helping them plan out a strategy for their upcoming match and work on the fundamentals that they need to improve upon individually and as a team.”

Spencer believes that it is his responsibility as coach to help his players become better sportsmen, act with integrity, and build individual player confidence.

“Golf is a complex sport and players develop at different rates. My job is to take them where they are at, educate them on the game and build a strong foundational skill set to be competitive for each match,” Spencer stated.

Varsity player Noah Mohler, 10, stated, “Our team is surprisingly amazing. I think it’s that underclassman bond we all have in us. Our team is super young, considering all of our players are sophomores and freshman, with one junior, Garrett Bice. Everyone treats each other with respect and our team is full of laughter, all the time. If someone is struggling, we all come together and help one another whether it be a mental issue or a swing issue. I couldn’t ask for a better team.”

Spencer also added, “The team has a very positive outlook on things and spend a lot of time outside of school practicing and playing golf in and out of the season. They are a great group of young men with great attitudes.”

Kyle Arrowood, 10, stated that his favorite part about playing golf is the excitement of playing new courses. He also says that during the off-season in the summer, goes out and plays at least 9 holes as the weather allows it. In the winter, Arrowood proceeds by using golf simulators as well as lessons.

Like other teams, the boys golf team has many goals for this season, including making it to regionals. Arrowood has his own personal goal of breaking 40 at least once this season.

Mohler stated that a typical practice consisted of Coach Jeremy Spencer giving instructions on what to do that day, whether it be playing the course, practicing chipping, putting, or driving. Then the boys practice that skill. Mohler is often a top scorer for his team. Some recent scores of his have been 42 and 45.

Kyle Arowood has a personal goal of breaking 40 at least once this season, but the team as a whole has both a goal and a dream of making it to regionals.

Track athletes prepare mentally, physically for season


by Mariam Elassal/Staff Writer

With track season starting, the boys and girls teams have been training determinedly.  Cooper Hanson, 11, stated that the most important part of off-season training is about showing up and training. Getting in shape is most important, as these athletes do nothing but vigorous running and activities. Mr. Reuben McCracken, coach of the girls team, agreed with that statement as well, training is most important.

A typical practice with the track team begins with a one mile warm up run. Following the warm up, the teams take part in stretching along with other warm up exercises. A common workout that takes place is to run 200m repeats at 800m race pace. Before practice ends, Cooper Hanson likes to run a “Shakeout” run, which typically lasts about 4 to 5 miles, followed by stretching and icing as needed.

Jacob Hansen, 12, is looking to get records this season. Hansen says that drinking water, getting sleep and resting appropriately, as well as living in a constant state of mind is how he prepares for the season. Hansen stated that his strength is keeping everyone on the team happy and together. He said his weakness would be sprinting, as Hansen is a long distance runner. Hansen, an aspiring athlete, wants to pursue his dream of breaking the school record, going to state and taking as many people to regionals as he can.

Obviously, strengthening and training is very important, but team bonding and relationships are just as crucial. Jacob Hansen likes his team a lot. They have a close relationship. “I like everyone and hopefully everyone likes me. I think we are all friends,” said Hansen.

“I like how everyone cheers people on while they are running their events. The team is all pretty close. We are real friendly to one another and want the best for each other,” Zachariah Archibald, 11, stated.

“The track team is always one of the largest, if not the largest, team in the school. I feel like we do a great job with bonding amongst ourselves with the limited time we are given with each other,” said Cooper Hanson.

Meet days can be difficult and require a lot of mental as well as physical preparation. “On meet days, I always get up early and listen to music to relax myself. On the bus ride to the meet, I also listen to music. During a race, you have to be focused to maintain a good running form,” Hanson said.

“I mostly visualize my race and how I will respond to different scenarios that could happen in the race,” Archibald stated.

Coach McCracken stated that he has the team do a lot of drills. The sprinters and distance runners have their individual workouts that they do. “I’m not a big screamer or yeller. I don’t feel like I have to motivate people. They should be motivated if they want to. I try to make sure the team knows that I know what I’m doing so they trust in what I tell them to do.”