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Seniors recall favorite high school memories

By Chloé Westra and Steven Coffin / Staff Writers



“The memory that I think will stand out most when I look back at high school in 10 years would probably have to be all of the friendships I made, all of the good and bad times I went through, and just all of the fun I had throughout school. There isn’t one memory that stands out more than the other because they were all great memories. The moments, people, and relationships I met and made throughout high school are some of the greatest moments I could have ever asked for. I am and will always be blessed and privileged to have been able to call myself a leader in the school and I will be forever proud to call myself a Cougar.” -Austin Graddy, 12


“I think a collection of funny memories will stand out in 10 years, mostly messing around in Mr. Weiland and Mrs. Goshen’s art class.” -Francois Smith, 12


“I honestly don’t have any memories that stand out to me and all I’ll remember from this school is that you’ll lose people, you’ll meet people, you’ll win games, you’ll lose games, you’ll succeed, you’ll fail, but that’s just life.” -Morganne Denny, 12


“My favorite memory from my high school experience would be winning runner-up at state for marching band my senior year.” -Dalton Blake, 12


“My favorite senior memory would have to be when I arrived to Greenfield Centra High School, and I ending up meeting so many new people. It was a great feeling, and I’m sad I am leaving, but I’m going to look back on all the high school memories and be very blessed that I came here”. -Jerrica Bew, 12


“I would have to say that my favorite memory from high school would have to be the pep rallies. Not really one specific but it was always awesome coming together as a school and showing some Cougar pride”. -Keaton Rizor, 12


“My favorite memory is probably during one of the Spirit Weeks. My freshman year Homecoming Spirit Week was probably one of my favorite times and probably what I have my fondest memory of.” -Meghan Batka, 12

Sarah Grace Overby Memorial

By Hailey Dodds/Staff Writer

Sarah Grace Overby, 17, was born February 7, 2000 and passed early in the morning of May 2 in a car accident. The next morning, students and teachers gathered at the flagpole to honor Sarah. This was led by Gretchen Miller, Joshua Teager, and Chris Aguilar, whom all stood hand-in-hand, as did many other students.

Also Wednesday night, there was a memorial held at Calvary Baptist Church, the church Sarah had attended with her family for the majority of Sarah’s life. The following Saturday was Sarah’s showing and funeral at Park Chapel. Friends, students, and teachers attended all of the events in memory of Sarah. Some students attended barefoot in honor of Sarah constantly taking her shoes off, so “nothing could come between her and the world,” as she would say.

Classmates have had many positive things to say about Sarah. Joshua Taeger, 11, who had known Sarah since he had moved to Greenfield three years ago, knew Sarah very well. He says that they were so close that there were moments where Sarah had known him better than he had known himself. Taeger described Sarah as a “free spirit, who was all about the thrill, with nothing to hold her back.”

Tanner Hord, 11, said Sarah was a “very kind soul. She was adventurous, caring, and she obviously enjoyed art.” Sarah’s art was on display at her showing and funeral on Saturday. “She just had that aura of love that permeated through everyone,” said Hord.

Gretchen Miller, 11, said that Sarah was “beautifully complex. She craved the outside world and seeing what it had to offer. She was constantly wanting to be outside and wanting to embrace nature’s energy that, without fail, always wrapped around her and captured her heart.”

Friends such as Teager and Hord used “hippie” to describe their close friend. As memories were being talked about, Hord told the memory of he and Sarah traveling to a pumpkin patch in their elementary years, and Sarah had jokingly gotten upset. She had thrown a pumpkin at Tanner’s head. Even in high school, they continued to joke about that day. Teager recalled how he introduced Sarah to male music artist, Jon Bellion and his song “Luxury.” They would sing it together, no matter the time or place.

Miller had too many memories to pick just one but said she “cherished every moment with her.”

In loving memory of Sarah Grace Overby, friends wanted people to remember her by this quote: “I belong wherever I want to be.”

GC remembers Andrew Hall

By Jackson Smith/ Staff Writer

Andrew Hall, a 15-year-old sophomore from GC, tragically passed away after a car accident on March 15th, 2015. Friends, teachers, and the G-C community remember him this May, which would have been his graduation year.

Close friend Keenan Lewis, 11, said, “Andrew was the type of person who was always trying to make everyone laugh. Being around him just made people happy, and that’s what he loved to do.”

Andrew was also a good student, star baseball player for GC’s team. Mr. Bill Hacker, GC Junior High English teacher, said, “Everyone liked Andrew.”

The morning after his passing, over 500 students wearing blue walked in the school together in memorial of his life. He has been dearly missed around GC, and we can only hope to wonder about his dreams and aspirations, as he had planned to attend Ball State.

Lewis shared with us her favorite memories of Andrew and her thoughts on how he’s been remembered, “I was wearing a Red Hot Chili Pepper shirt, one of his favorite bands, and I vividly remember him saying, “nice shirt.” After that, I knew we had to be friends because of his music taste and we just ended up bonding over everything imaginable.”

Lewis continued, “Although I can’t speak for everyone, Andrew Hall was remembered, at least by the people who knew him as a type of light in the dark. On good days and bad days, he was always there and ready to attempt to turn your day around. He was loved by many and friends with even more. He’s always going to live in the hearts of the people who knew him and will be remembered by the people who went to school at Greenfield-Central High School on the day of March 16th, the day after he passed.

GC shows appreciation for Mr. Bryant’s commitment to students, faculty

By Halle Wynn / Staff Writer

After 18 years, Mr. Bryant, the current principal of our school, has decided to retire this year. Over the years, Mr. Bryant has helped our school greatly,including both students and teachers.

“I think Mr. Bryant is wonderful! What I most admire about him is the way he cares for people and students.  He helps students perform to the best of their abilities. He helps them when they are hurting.  He praises all of us for our accomplishments.  He always goes out of his way to make sure that we all feel appreciated,” Mrs. Janeen Gill, science teacher, said.

“I have met and worked with hundreds of principals and I have never seen one as good as Mr. Bryant,” said Mr. Jason Cary, incoming principal here at GC.

Being a part of the school by serving as the principal is one thing but having a good a team spirit is also highly regarded. Kaylee Tompkins, 10, said, “When they announce it was a great night for sports events and other extra curricular activities’, he was there helping us succeed and watching us win”. Mr. Bryant makes sure to always support GC. The band and color guard at GC highly appreciate him being there at their shows and helping them along the way.

Katherine Hilligoss, 9, color guard member, stated, “He has helped the color guard by being there and cheering us on and he has paid for our meals after WGI. It meant a lot to us for him to be there.”

On May 11, Mr. Bryant had the honor of getting an award named after him that was known as the “Promise Keeper” award. The “Promise Keeper” award goes to a person in our community that puts effort into our school, promotes our programs and supports us in all the activities we do. The first time this award was given, Mr. Bryant earned it.

Schuyler Jensen, junior, states “Mr. Bryant leads with example and keeps his head up, making sure his career effort did not diminish through the years

“No one will be able to replace Mr Bryant, he might be retired but he is forever in our school,” Ian Cole, 11, said.  

Next year, Bryant strives to travel and adventure on a Mediterranean cruise with his wife. He will occasionally come to GC to watch his grandson play football and baseball.

Mr. Bryant stated, “I cherish every day I have with students and staff at GC and hate to see all of it end.”

GC students participate in art show

by Annalee Rowlett/Staff Writer

Photo: Delaney Phillips, Liz Perkins, Evie Soltes, and Sam Emery will have exhibits in the Hancock County Art Show.

The Hancock County Art Show was April 29 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in Mount Vernon High School.

Several GC students had works in the art show.

Evie Soltes, 9, had  a watercolor of a city, a drawing of Michael Jackson, an ink print of a sea turtle on a dictionary page and a acrylic painting of a gorilla. What she liked most about her art was mixing the colors and making it come alive. Her favorite one that has in the art show was her gorilla painting. Soltes said her goals this year in were to improve and just enjoy it.

Delaney Phillis, 12,  also entered the art show. She had an acrylic painting of a lemur and a watercolor landscape in the show. What she liked about creating her piece is painting her lemur’s eyes. Her favorite one is the lemur she painted. Her goal this year in art was to to paint more realistically.

Liz Perkins, 9,  had a drawing of a celebrity, a watercolor, and a mandala scratch disc. What she liked about creating her art work is that it was fun to do. Her favorite one out of the three is her celebrity drawing. Liz said her goal this year in art was to finish with a good grade.

Sam Emery, 9, had a drawing of actress Cara Delevingne, a watercolor of a boardwalk,  a drawing of a vintage camera, and a painting  of a lake scene.  She said what she liked about creating her artwork  was the  shading and drawing the eyebrows. Sam said her favorite one is her art pieces is her drawing of Cara Delevingne. Sam said her goal in art this year was to just have fun because drawing is her passion.


Greenfield-Central band competes in ISSMA

by Adrian Lotshaw / Staff Writer


The Greenfield Central Bands are competing in the ISSMA Contest. The Intermediate band competition is being held at Decatur Central on April 7th. The Advanced Band will be competing on April 28th at Warren Central.

The Intermediate band is performing four pieces and one of those is a piece the members have never seen before. They will be sight-reading the fourth piece. The band is performing Tricycle, Rain and American Riversongs.

The Advanced band is preforming four pieces as well as the Intermediate band. One of the four will be sight-reading. The other pieces that are being performed is the Third Suite, Free Lance March, and Perseus.

Jared Coyle, freshman and a trombone player in the intermediate band, says “to be completely honest, I am not really that nervous about the contest because I know that we will walk out with a gold.”

David Lopez, sophomore, and  a trombone player in the advanced band, says “I know that we will do great and come home with gold ratings.”

Mr. Wing and Mr. Basso has announced that the Intermediate band has gotten a gold rating on both the concert and in sight reading on April 7. Basso said, “The judge for the sight-reading has told us that we were the best that they have seen throughout the whole day.” The advanced band will be performing their pieces on April 2 at Warren Central.

Kiwanis Hosts Fun Bowl-A-Thon

By Halle Wynn / Staff Writer

Bowling is a fun activity to do whether it is with friends or family. On Saturday, April 22nd from 1-4pm at Strike Force Lanes, Kiwanis of Greenfield will be hosting a bowling fundraiser. The tickets are $15 for students or 2 for $20 and adult tickets are $20. Buying a ticket will get you the opportunity to play 3 games of bowling and shoe rental. Tickets are going on sale now. You can visit Mrs. Marler if you are interested or see Halle Wynn. Not only can you pre order tickets but you can buy tickets at the door, although it is highly recommended to get them now due to planning purposes.

At Strike Force Lanes, lanes can handle groups of 5 unless you have more people you would like to be on a lane, then Kiwanis can separate them and put them into lanes right beside each other. The money raised from this fundraiser will go to Kiwanis Clubs such as Key Club, and various special causes or diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis.

In addition, Amanda Dobson, current Key Club president, states “Another Key Club at a different school started this fundraiser a couple of years ago, so the Greenfield branch of Kiwanis wanted to try it and asked if we wanted to take charge of it. As a club last year, we decided that it would be a good and this year we decided to do it again.”

Mrs. Michelle Marler adds, “Kiwanis chose this because other Kiwanis clubs have had success with it. They asked us (Key Club) to join them”. Daniel Riley, past president of Kiwanis Of Greenfield, says, “We like the fellowship and helping provide over $20,000 to support Riley Children’s Hospital and Hancock County youth”.


GEM adresses gender equality

by Chloé Westra / Staff Writer

Hailey Ayers, 11, addresses GEM club members.


Among the many clubs at GCHS, a new one has risen, GEM (Gender Equality Movement). GEM is a club for both genders aimed to spread awareness and educate students on the issues facing gender equality.

Hailey Ayers, 11, is not only the founder of GEM, but also the designated club president. The inspiration for the creation of GEM came from several factors for Haley.

“The inspiration was a combination of research, personal experience, and general frustration,” says Ayers, “… I could talk about the inspiration for the club for hours …”

When Ayers enrolled Marnie Abram, 11, to assist in the development of GEM, the two of them agreed to discuss it with Mrs. Jill Slinker, English teacher at GCHS.

“GEM was actually created one day during winter break. Hailey and I had been thinking about starting a club like this for awhile, but we hadn’t really done anything because neither of us knew others wanted a club like GEM,” says Abram, recollecting on the process of forming GEM, “Then in January, we officially started working out the details about the club when we had a talk with Mrs. Slinker.”

With the creation of GEM came many questions about the purpose of the club and the direction it was going. Students may lack a true understanding of GEM, but Ayers and Abram are more than happy to clarify.

As for the purpose of GEM, Ayers says that issues or topics are held to a vote at one meeting, and at the next meeting, participants “compile information, [and] then discuss what causes the issue and ways to combat the issue in ourselves and the community.”

Ayers and Abram encourage both genders join GEM, though many believe the club is meant only for women.

“GEM stands for Gender Equality Movement, so it’s not just a female only club. We have three male officers,” says Abram, explaining what GEM truly represents, “We don’t have female only based discussions, the topics normally consist of issues that affect both genders …”

Ayers says, describing the roles of men and women in GEM, “Both genders can become involved in GEM by attending meetings, contributing to future fundraisers, or checking up on our website, and reading some of our featured articles. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive space. Anyone is more than welcome to join.”

Alex Carlson, 11, is a designated ‘boy whisperer’ for GEM. He says his job is to “encourage the male side to join despite the fact that it may seem like it is just for women, which it isn’t.”

Carlson says, “There is no fear in going because you are going to have a voice, even if you are not a female. We feel like there are a lot of issues that must be addressed by both sides. Just show up and share your opinions, as long as you won’t be negative to others.”
GEM is a  club at GCHS that is meant to educate and take action on topics pertaining to gender inequality. It is open to both genders, and is meant to be “a safe place,” as Carlson says.

GC band members advance to State Solo and Ensemble

     By Halle Wynn/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Cameron Hale, 10, Tuba, went to state for ISSMA as a Group 1 solo.

     ISSMA solo and ensemble was a big hit for the band at GC. About half the band participated in Solo and Ensemble.

   Cameron Hale, 10, tuba, played a Group I solo at Solo and Ensemble and advanced to state. Hale chose such a high solo level because he “wanted to improve in the art of playing music”. Not only does he play tuba as his main instrument, Hale also plays trumpet, trombone, French horn, drums, piano, and guitar.

    Lily Lauer, 10, is going to state as well with her quartet and solo.  “My solo is ‘Sonata’ by Saint Saëns. My quartet is a suite for four clarinets, but there are two clarinets and flutes, and my sextet is a church sonata in which I play bass clarinet.”

    “I started clarinet in 7th grade,” Lauer said. “My sister played clarinet when she was in school and I wanted to as well. I practiced daily for my solo and met up with my ensembles after school or during band class to rehearse our pieces.”

Mikayla Langley, 12, looks forward to performing at state. She will be performing “Reflections”by Katherine Hoover. She has been playing the flute since seventh grade.



Class scheduling continues

by Adrian Lotshaw

Photo Caption: Mrs. Sherri Foster talks with a GC student about her schedule.

Class scheduling for the current freshman, sophomores, and juniors started Monday, Feb. 6. The counselors are calling students in during their enrichment block. If the student does not have an enrichment block then they will be called down during a different class period.

Kim Kile, head of the Greenfield Central High School counseling department, says that there are mandatory classes that each grade level has to have. The classes you have to have are English, math, science, social studies, physical education, and health. You will take these classes until they meet the requirements for the diploma you are wanting to earn.

There are new classes that are being offered here at the high school says Sherri Foster, another counselor at the high school. These classes are AP Art History, AP Computer Science Principles, Web Design, Principles of Business Management, Principles of Marketing, and Honors Geometry.

Saylor Leal, 9, is planning on doing Human Body Systems (HBS), ACP Chemistry, and Radio and TV. Leal hopes to be joining an extracurricular activity sometime next year.

David Lopez, 11, plans on attending Pre-Cal, Jazz Band, and psychology. He is planning on doing marching band and indoor winds as an extracurricular activity for this coming up year.
Zach Perkins, 9, says, “I am looking forward to the new AP Computer Science Principles and the Web Design classes.” Perkins is wanting to take those classes for his dream to be a businessman.