Juniors begin to feel stress of future

by Mariam Elassal/Staff Writer

Caption: Sara Lucas, 11, and Rylee Klivansky, 11, work on homework during their busy day.  Photo by: Matt Haggard

With the school year coming to an end, juniors are beginning to plan their futures by taking the SAT/ACT or filling out college/job applications. There is a lot of pressure and stress on the junior class to plan for their future correctly. On top of planning for their futures, juniors are trying to manage their class load including honors or AP classes, along with after school clubs or sports and even jobs.

“I have felt the most stress during the course of my junior year versus any other year of schooling thus far,” Kayla Hunsinger, 11, stated.

Since there are only about 5 weeks left of school, juniors are beginning to prepare for finals and get ready for senior year. By filling out college applications and thinking about their futures, juniors can begin to lose patience from wanting everything to be perfect and go their way.

“College applications can be very tedious and I feel that mine needs to be perfect, which stresses me out,” Jenny Eicher, 11, said. With plans to attend Butler University, Eicher is unsure what she wants to study.

A lot of juniors and seniors have decided to begin their college journey with an undecided major, but there are many with their entire futures planned out. Darian Gossett, 12, runs Cross country and Track. The stress of performing well in sports and in the classroom is overwhelming. She plans to attend Purdue university in the Fall of ‘18 to major in animal science.  

Brenna Ditto, 11, said she deals with stress with her plans to graduate a year early and join the Indiana National Guard. While preparing for basic training, graduation, and college, “I feel like an emotional breakdown is around the corner every moment of my life,” she stated. To prepare for basic training, Ditto does different exercises and runs 5 miles daily. Ditto is taking AP Calculus and AP Language, and said she feels a great deal of stress. To deal with pressure and anxiety, Ditto resorts to dying her hair every so often.

Sara Lucas, 11, said that she is stressed out this year because her graduating status depends on it. When asked how she balances school and work, she said, “Very carefully. You have to have certain days dedicated to school.”

Evan McLaughlin, 11, said he doesn’t feel more stressed out this year compared to any other year. He is taking two ACP classes, Chemistry and History. He plans to go to IU and then medical school for anesthesiology.

The feeling of stress is a common part of life that everyone feels. By controlling and taking the proper steps to relieving anxiety is crucial to living a healthy lifestyle. Everyone should have something they like to do when they feel stressed to relieve the feeling.