‘A Quiet Place’ captivates viewers

By Halle Wynn/Staff Writer

Frightening viewers with all the suspenseful and horrifying scenes, A Quiet Place leaves individuals blown away. As a matter of fact, this film truly brings out the meaning ‘be dead silent.’ Sitting with anticipation, viewers of A Quiet Place are encouraged to be dead silent, too.

The Abbott family struggle to survive in their post-apocalyptic world, trying their best to avoid the deadly aliens who decimated their world’s population. These aliens, or so-called monsters, attack any object or person, able to make noise. Over the course of the movie; the monsters cause death and terror.

       To survive, the Abbotts’ come up and must abide by three simple rules: do not make a sound, never leave the path, and if you see red, run. The monster’s are distinctly sensitive so even the drop of a toy could trigger them.

Tension builds as the youngest member in A Quiet Place accidently gets killed by inserting the batteries into a noisy toy airplane. Earlier in the movie, the father took away the airplane’s power source in fear of noise. Though he is not supposed to, Beau, the boy, sneakily hides the batteries in his jacket. While returning back to the house, Beau inserts the batteries and the airplane sound effects maneuver. Before his parents can save him, a monster, alerted by the noise, grabs and kills Beau.

Further in, mother Evelyn experiences terror while birthing another child. The family now has to take care of the newborn and make sure the baby remains both safe and alive. Who will survive and who will perish?

Director John Krasinski, shows off his excellent directing skills in A Quiet Place by featuring unique ways communication techniques. The Abbott family communicates with each other through sign language.

In addition, Krasinski involves deaf actress, Millicent Simmonds to play the role of daughter Regan in A Quiet Place. Krasinski as Regan’s father creates personal technological devices using sound frequency to deafen monsters, due to her inability to scream. Over the course of the movie, the Abbotts prove just how important the factor of sound is.

Not only has Krasinski directed A Quiet Place, but also The Hollars and Brief Interviews with Hideous Men as well. Krasinski includes actress Emily Blunt (also his wife) as the mother and himself as the father role in this particular film.

Blunt shows her marvelous acting skills by portraying dramatic emotions in A Quiet Place. Blunt can also be found acting in The Devil Wears Prada. Edge Of Tomorrow, Into The Woods and The Girl On The Train. Krasinski appeared as an actor in American Dad, Monsters vs. Aliens, The Office and many more.

Rated PG-13, “A Quiet Place” is well worth watching. In addition, the tension-filled and dramatic film leaves the audience asking what is approaching next.