News Brief: North Korea, South Korea plan for peace summit

By Halle Wynn/Staff Writer

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and South Korean President, Moon Jae-in have recently made efforts to obtain peace. On June 12, President Donald Trump, Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-Un will attend a summit held in Singapore. Consisting of plans for peace, the summit will be a historic event for America, South Korea and North Korea. If a peace treaty is to be decided at the summit, Kim Jong-Un will end his threats towards not only South Korea, but the US as well.

Before and after the Korean War, South Korea and North Korea were at odds. North Korea was backed by the Soviet Union, while South Korea was allied with the US. Both governments claim to be in control of the peninsula. Recent interactions between President Trump and Kim Jong-Un raised concerns about nuclear testing or nuclear attacks.

On April 27, 2018, North and South Korea signed the Panmunjom Declaration, announcing a commitment to denuclearize and a peace treaty to officially end the Korean War.