Seniors prepare for graduation

by Lillian Kajer-Oszuscik/Staff Writer

As the school year dwindles to a close, many seniors are preparing for graduation. Some might be filling out scholarship forms like Violet Overstreet, finding summer jobs like Noah Graber, or saving up for a vacation like Ender Kyrie.

Graduation also brings up other areas of planning, such as what’s going to happen the next year.

“I’m taking a gap year to save for college, then I will attend Ivy Tech for a two-year degree.” said Kyrie, while Overstreet said she’ll be attending Ball State in the fall for architecture.

Graber said, “I am attending IUPUI for their Healthcare Technology program.”

It’s well known that Ender Kyrie is very young to be graduating. Since he was only 15 for most of the school year, that can be a challenging experience. He explained the way he felt about the year. “I feel very smart, but also very out of place and lonely.”

When leaving high school for adulthood, Graber said it’s stressful and that it’s the biggest comfort zone to leave. “ I think I’m ready but you can’t really tell until it’s time, I guess,” he said.

Overstreet summed up how she was feeling about leaving. “I am looking forward to graduation, but I am also nervous about my future after high school. It will be a big change,” she said.

Kyrie stated that he is nervous and not ready, but excited for all the sleep that is to come with leaving high school.

Kyrie kept it short and simple when asked if he think he’s ready to graduate by saying, “As I’ll ever be.”

Both Overstreet and Graber said that they are ready to graduate. Overstreet said, “I think I have been prepared well for college academics, but I do not think I am prepared for adult life after high school. I think college is a good place to get used to what adult life will be like after college.”

Graber said, “Yes I do (think I’m ready to graduate.) I’ve worked hard to get to where I am and I’ve earned it in my mind at least. I’m ready to be done with high school.”

The seniors said they were going to miss some of the people they wouldn’t see everyday. Overstreet stated, “I will definitely miss all the friends I have made and my theatre family next year. I plan on coming to as many of the theatre productions as I can. I’ll also miss the teachers who have taught me for the past four years.”

Overstreet also said “Of course, I will try to (keep in touch with friends) but most of them will be attending different universities than Ball State.”

Graber said “Oh yeah, definitely, I’m going to miss a lot of my teachers and people I see in the hallways. Love it or hate it, you meet a lot of interesting people in high school.”

He also said, “Of course I am (going to miss my friends.) My friends are family to me and i’ll always keep in touch.”

Kyrie also said he was going to miss the people he sees everyday, and that he’ll definitely keep in touch with “several, but not all” of his friends.

Most seniors have graduation parties and when asked if they would have one, Overstreet, Graber, and Kyrie all said that they would have a graduation party.. Both Overstreet and Kyrie are having  their parties near graduation, and Graber is having an open house at a coffee shop in FIshers.

Some said they would miss high school and some said they would not. “No, after all the drama, bullying, and gossip I don’t think i’m going to miss it,” Graber said. “High school is a miserable place and it made me miserable up until senior year.”

Overstreet said “I will miss some parts of high school, but I think college will have plenty of opportunities for fun. I don’t think I’ll miss all my classes, but maybe a few.”

Kyrie said he would miss “the people, not the place.”