Students, teachers make busy summer plans

by Mariam Elassal/Staff Writer

With only a couple weeks left of school, summer is around the corner; everyone is beginning to make their summer plans. With either going on a vacation to a sunny beach, staying at home and relaxing, or having a productive summer, there is much anticipation for the upcoming months.

Lisa Sears, art department, has planned a trip to France and Spain. She is taking many GC students with her and many students are excited. Sears is most excited to see the Prado in Madrid. There is an itinerary with plans to visit the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, The salvador Dali Museum, and Las Ramblas.

After her much anticipated trip, “I need to paint every room in my home! And paint paintings of course.”

Zoe Faith, 11, plans on having both a fun and productive summer. She plans to work and attend summer school as well as summer gym the first month, and then she plans on having fun the second month. “We just moved into this neighborhood with a pool so I’ll be swimming a lot. And I’m going to Kings Island the second month of summer.”

Hayden Bottorff, 11, plans on having a relaxing summer. “I’m going to visit some family but I’m looking forward to hanging with friends.”  

Jozee Jaussaud, 12, looks forward to napping, tanning, swimming, the drive-in, and staying out late. “I’m going to live every day like it’s my last. I’m going to pull all nighters.”

Tate Helm, 11, looks forward to workouts, camps for seniors, sleeping, and hanging out with friends and family. “I’m mostly just looking forward to not having to wake up and go to school every morning.”

Phil Leswing, psychology teacher, looks forward to visiting Salt Lake City, Grand Teton National park, Yellowstone National Park, Orlando, Florida, 4th of July trips and celebrations, visiting Alabama, and coaching volleyball camps. “I don’t have one day off the entire summer,” he said.