Humane society offers pets, pet supplies

by Adam Bright/Staff Writer   

If you have ever wanted to adopt a cat, the Hancock County Humane Society is the place for you. The Hancock County Humane Society has many cats to adopt from kittens to older cats. One of these is Wylie who has been with them for almost 8 years.

   The Hancock County Humane Society is a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter. They’re completely funded by donations and staffed by volunteers. Beverly Reece, the Humane Society’s treasurer, stated, “The main goal of the Humane Society is to find pets new homes and to reunite lost pets with their owners.”  

Since they are a no-kill shelter, all well-tempered and healthy cats at the Humane Society have a home there until they are adopted, no matter how long it takes. Heather White, the vice-president of the Humane Society, said, “The cats at the Humane Society have a permanent home here until they can find them a permanent and safe home to live in. The longest current resident, Wylie, has been with us for almost 8 years.”

   They only currently take cats, though. White said “We don’t have enough room and volunteers to have dogs. Dogs need more constant care and space.” The shelter staff does refer people who bring in dogs to other local organizations.

The Hancock County Humane Society currently has an estimated 30 cats at their shelter and more in foster homes. The Humane Society has been finding cats homes since their founding in 1977. According to Reece, the Hancock County Humane Society has an estimated 30- 40 volunteers who work to give cats the daily care and attention they need.

The Humane Society also has a pet food pantry to supply pet food to people who can’t afford it. According to their website, they gave away 4,000 pounds of dog food and 2,000 pounds of cat food in 2017. They also recycle aluminum cans at their faculty.

The Humane Society holds low-cost vaccination clinics with local veterinarians to provide pet owners with low-cost vaccines. Also, they promote education in the community of responsible pet ownership and spaying and neutering.

The Humane Society could always use more donations and volunteers from the local community. Anyone above the age of 13 can volunteer at the Humane Society. According to their brochure, they need donations of cat food (IAMS), scoopable and non-scoopable cat litter, heavy duty paper towels, bleach, 42+ gallons contractor bags, and 30-gallon heavy duty trash bags. They also need newspapers to line the cages, litter boxes, and under food bowls. Cash donations are also needed to pay the Humane Society’s bills.

The Humane Society has been caring for and finding animals new permanent homes for many years. Their motto is “Kindness to Animals Inevitably Leads to Kindness to People.”