Cross country team runs toward success

By Kaitlyn Koehler/ Staff Writer

Photo by Gracie Blake/Catamount Staff

Whether it’s pacing themselves or sprinting, the cross country team makes themselves known. With runners like Conner Kinnaman, 11, William Wickham, 12, Sarah Muckerheide, 12, and Audrey Brinkruff, 10, there is a lot of experience on the team. New PR’s (personal records) are being met every meet, along with new accomplishments.

So far this season, boys varsity and girls varsity have accomplished quite a bit. Boys varsity first started the season with an overall 5th place finish at Hamilton Hokum Karem. The meet consisted of two runners becoming one team. Each had to run three miles, eventually making up a full six miles. Parker Niemeier, 12 and Kinnaman missed 5th place by just a hair. Among the other teams running were Luke Muckerheide, 10 and Matt Wickham, 9 who finished in 17th, Caleb Short, 10 and Jonah Fletcher, 10 who finished in 22nd place, and William Wickham and Gage Guinen, 10 finishing in 24th place.

Every runner wishes to accomplish great things. Boys varsity has already finished in 5th place with the Cougarpalooza, 7th at Columbus North, and 5th at the Pendleton Heights Arabian Roundup. Girls Varsity has finished 3rd in the Cougarpalooza, 12th at Columbus North, 6th at the Triton Central Early Bird Invitational.

Sarah Muckerheide has several notable goals for herself. “My hope for the season is to run a good enough time to get my name on our school’s cross country Top 10 board. I also hope to qualify for the semi-state competition,” said Muckerheide.

With this season so far, there is no surprise when it comes to teamwork. “I am greatly enjoying the season so far. The team is looking very strong and I am excited to see what the team can do,” William Wickham, 12, said of the cross country season. For Wickham, it’s all about bettering the team and himself. “I plan on working really hard to get my times faster so I can better help the team. My hopes, as team captain and a senior on the team, is to impact the team in a positive way.” 

Every season is different and has its own perks. “This season has been really fun, just like all of the others. The freshmen have proven to be a very important factor to our team. I look forward to the betterment of next year as they settle into the swing of things,” said Kinnaman, 11.

Kinnaman commented on the relationship of the team. “As a team, we need to work on keeping our tempers with each other. We all get along relatively well, but whenever a dispute arises we are pretty quick to start yelling at each other. It’s just a unique form of “brotherly love,” if you will. We’re all like siblings to each other,” Kinnaman  said.

Photo by Gracie Blake/Catamount staff