Boys’s soccer off to successful start

by Destiney Wray/Staff Writer

The boys’ soccer team just started their season, and they already have a record of 6-2. They lost several seniors last year, but they aren’t suffering by any means.

Varsity scored 11-0 against Delta recently.  Goalkeeper Abe Buescher, 10, was able to block every shot Delta took. Captain Zach Bell, 12, was able to get 3 goals and 2 assists. The season’s shutout accumulation right now is 4.

 Bell has been one of the captains all of this year, and was named captain halfway through the season last year. “(The title is) cool but means I have a lot more responsibility and so I always have to be doing my best on everything I do, especially with the little things,” Bell said.

Jacob Blevens, 10,  is a swing player for varsity and JV. He thinks this soccer season is different because of the freshman class. They have to help guide the freshman like the upperclassmen did with the 9th graders last year.  Bell and Blevens have said the same thing, that they don’t just chant that they’re family. “We are all like brothers,” Blevins said.

Bell said the team has improved a lot. “We lost a lot of people last year so that was a huge change for us so the best thing we did was work together and get used to each other. Even though we lost a lot of people I still believe we may be even better than last year”. The boys’ soccer team has about 4 games so far this season where they have

It’s important to try to get in a positive mood before games. Jason Scrivner, 9, said, “I listen to music to get in a positive mood and try to think about things that motivate me.” In a sport, you will usually do better if everyone works together.  Bell said, “I think we work very well. We always chant that we’re brothers, so we always have each other’s back.”