Choirs prepare for Oct. 2 concert

by Olivia Herbert/Staff Writer

The GCHS choir groups consist of a large amount of very hard working students. They all have to do their best to memorize up to five songs for every concert. “The hardest thing about choir has to be practicing and making sure our songs are perfect for our concert,” said Hannah Holden. These choir’s typically have concerts every quarter. Teagan Parsons, 10,  stated, “It usually takes a couple weeks at least to memorize them.”

Choir also has a variety of genres they perform, which can sometimes be difficult. “One of the hardest things is usually some of our songs are in foreign languages or the notes are very hard to get right,” said Parsons, who is a part of the GCHS Concert Choir. Along with the different genres they have different choir groups including: pop swing, concert  choir, madrigal choir, etc.

While concert choir involves singing, pop swing challenges students to dance and sing. Haley Holden, 12, stated, “One of the hardest parts about pop swing is remembering every single detail about the dance like footwork.” Despite the fact that pop swing involves dancing and singing, there is a choir group that consists of more work than the others. ”Personally, I don’t think pop swing is harder than madrigal but it is harder than the rest of the choirs,” said Haley Holden.

Being involved in choir is more than just another class grade; it helps students get a better high school experience. “One of my favorite moments from choir is winning gold in sight singing and from our songs, which was hard because only two other schools got gold out of the contest,” remarked Hannah Holden, 10. Along with making memories with other students, singers get to achieve their own goals.

Choir usually has up to six concerts every year. Each concert relates to the season and consists of different songs. The upcoming concert is on Oct. 2. The songs have not been completely decided yet but the concert choir is currently practicing “Si Filemon,” “Carrickfergus,” “Gloria,” “Bile them Cabbage Down,” and “Shoshone Love Song,” and pop swing is working on “Beat It” by Michael Jackson, “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire, and “Attention” by Charlie Puth.