Drama director encourages family environment

by Rachael Gilkinson/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Mae Griffin, 12, Miss Voigt, and Dean Camacho, 12, discuss One Acts. 

Current GC theatre director Carolyn Voigt may not have been teaching or directing long, but she has some big plans for Drama Club.

Voigt is at school every day, sometimes until 9 during tech week, to make sure that all of her productions work like a well-oiled machine. Not only does she spend most of her time focused on drama, but she also teaches English in her Harry Potter-themed room. Brooke Bonek, 11,  referred to her as “the ringmaster of responsibility” because of her incredible ability to manage over 100 teenagers and still have time to grade papers. Though many know of her, few have actually taken the time to dig into her past. So, who exactly is our theatre director, and why do so many teenagers think of her like a mother?

Voigt moved from Arizona to Indiana after her freshman year. She became heavily invested in Greenfield’s drama department during her sophomore year. After she graduated from GC, she continued her education at Ball State University. She majored in teaching and minored in theatre. Though Voigt had planned at teaching at a smaller school to put some experience under her belt, when the job at GC opened up she took it right away. She has been working at GC for almost a full year as of Aug. 22.
Dennis Cole, (D.C.), leader of the tech crew, describes working with her as “like spending time in the shop with my daughter.” Voigt wants to make sure that  students feel like they have someone to come to if they ever need help. She is often on stage working with her actors, helping them learn how to accent certain words in order to get the vibe they are looking for across to the audience.

Voigt has always been passionate about theatre. D.C.’s daughter was best friends with Voigt during their high school days. D.C. said, “She used to come over to my house when she was a teenager and would have dance parties at my house. There were probably twenty girls at my house at the time. They recruited the soccer team, and the soccer team realized that they were pretty good at the theatre so they stuck around. I would have to send them down to the basement because they were shaking my floors so much.”

Voigt has worked to create a safe environment for all kids. D.C said, “I’m most excited about trusting each other to be more than we believe we are capable of.” One of Voigt’s main goals for this year is to unify the set workers with the actors, and then bring the community together with the drama department. She plans on having group trips to sports events to show that the drama department cares about what goes on outside of their lives. “My hope for this year is that the techies will feel like they are just as important as the rest of us, then to put ourselves out there more using our #wereallinthistogetherGC,” Voigt said.