GC discusses fall favorites

by Caitlin Marks-Chockley/Staff Writer

 Photo Caption: Mallorie Fultz, 10, Ashley Swango, 11, and Grace Silcox, 11,  work on fall crafts./Photo by Caitlin Marks-Chockley

From the air and the colors to the food, fun, and entertainment, fall is an amazingly popular season. It is a favorite to many people for many reasons. So what makes fall so amazing? Maybe it’s how “everything is just a much more vibrant, beautiful color,” as Star Caldwell, 10 said.

There are many favorites of fall, one of them being food. “I love food and all types of flavor during fall. Pumpkin spice, apple cider, and there’s new Bath and Body Works scents,” said Ava Anderson, 9.

Many people also like the chill in the air during this time of year. “It’s not hot, but it’s not freezing either,” said Taylor Johnson, 10.  

The weather is a really popular part about fall. “The weather is just right. It’s a nice cool temperature. I love wearing sweaters and hoodies in the fall but the weather and the look outside in the fall is just as beautiful as the other seasons,” said Ivy Rowe, 12.

“I can bundle up and not get hot. I can crawl into my bed and layer as many blankets as possible and hide myself from the world,” said Anniah Dibbern, 10.

It’s just something about leaves falling off trees and the transition from summer to winter that makes fall a good season. “The smell and feel of the air just feels nice,” said Gavin Sims, 10.

Many people believe that when fall comes around, it’s the end of fun. Well, that’s when creative minds get to work. “I like raking leaves and then jumping in them,” said Tyler Douglas, 10.

Whether it be bonfires, leaves, or sports, there is always time to make memories. “I like playing in the leaves. I make memories with my family,” said Hailee Martin, 9.

Sports and activities seem to be a favorite of fall. “It’s when the NBA season and college basketball season starts and it’s the time when the temperature is just right outside for the marching band to practice and go to competitions and be the best they can be,” said Dakota Atkinson, 11.

The chill air can be good and bad; it just depends on who you are. “I like the cold weather and being able to show school support without dying of heat,” said Jesse Meeks, 10. However, Abigail Hurst, 9, disagreed. “I like summer so much better than fall. I don’t like fall because it is too cold and I like the radiance of summer,” she said.