Boys tennis wraps up season at sectionals

By Abigail Hurst/Staff Writer

Photo: Steven Roland, 12, reaches to return the ball. 

The boys’ tennis team’s goal was to beat New Pal in the sectional championship. Unfortunately, the team was defeated by Mount Vernon on Sept. 27 in sectionals.

Looking back to sectionals, the boys had been really looking forward to the contest. Dye said he was looking forward to doing the best they can. Seth Kirkpatrick, 11, also said, Our team goals for sectionals was to win 4-1 but is more realistic for a  3-2 win.” Mason Bussel, 12, also said he was looking forward to playing his best.

Although they didn’t get the result they wanted in sectionals, members of the team believe that they have improved a lot this year. Bussel said, “(We have improved in) our consistency and not letting the fact that we are losing get to our heads.”  Kirkpatrick also said, “I think the team has improved on not letting small things get in our head.”

The team has a lot of camaraderie. “The best part is how well we all get along. It really helps us motivate each other. The team has chemistry,” said Collin Hunt, 11. Robert Dye, 9, also said, “The team has bonded really well.”

Steven Roland, 12, agrees. He said, “The best part of being on the team is having a group of friends that are similar to me. We motivate each other to be better as a player and as a people.”

Hunt was excited that they won their match against Alexandria. “We won, which was the first time we beat Alexandria in 6 years.”

The boys’ tennis team values their coach. Their coach is Michael Turpin, who is also a second grade teacher at Harris Elementary. “What I like about him is he pushes us to get better and improve. We have good chemistry with him.” Hunt said. Dye also said, “He works with everyone himself so he has personal time with everyone.”

Members of the team say Mount Vernon say our biggest tennis competitor. Roland said,“Greenfield’s biggest tennis rival, if I had to pick one, would be Mt.Vernon.  New Pal is a close second.”  Kirkpatrick and Bussel agreed.

The boys tennis team really enjoyed the season and having a strong work ethic. “It’s fun to be around the other people and get to play with them,” said Nicholas Grandstaff, 10.

“One of my most favorite things I have done is being able to meet new friends and be together as a team,” Corbin Tilley, 9, also said.

The JV team was also looking forward to sectionals. At the time, Grandstaff said, “I’m really excited for sectionals because we are facing New Pal and we haven’t beat them yet. I’m really happy to get to face them again.”

Tilley made a case as to why Mount Vernon and New Pal are our biggest rivals. He said, “Greenfield’s biggest tennis rivals would probably have to be New Palestine and Mount Vernon because they are in our county and we are all often compared to each other over which team is better.”

Grandstaff believes that Mount Vernon is our biggest rival.“They are the same level as us at almost every sport and we always want to beat them.”

The team had some goals for sectionals. Granstaff said, “We want to win. It’s going to be hard to win but we want to win.”

Tilly complimented the Coach Turpin. He said, “He always tries his best to help everyone on what they need help with.”

Jackson Weidner, 9, also talked about the coach. “He is really good. He is younger so he knows how we feel in tennis matches.” Weidner also later said that the coach also knows how to communicate with the team.