Girls volleyball celebrates record-setting win

by Abby Hurst/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: 

Greenfield Central Volleyball team holds the trophy triumphantly after winning sectionals.

They accomplished something that hadn’t been achieved in over three decades.

The Lady Cougars volleyball team won sectionals for the first time in 31 years, battling both Mt. Vernon and Pendleton Heights to do so. “We did so many different things this year- breaking records, forming new traditions, and winning sectionals,” Ava Antic, 10, stated.

The girls worked really hard this year to be on top. Mary Voigt, 12 stated, “We were hungry for the win and by grinding it out through this season and playing together, as a team, in the end was what made this win so spectacular.”

Hannah Burkhart 12, stated, “Being able to spend my last year in the sport with them was a dream come true.” She later stated that winning sectionals meant something to her family as well as everything else to her. “This year’s sectionals was so special to all of us because we have been working so hard for so long and overcome so many obstacles to get there. For me specifically, my mom was on the the last sectional champion team in 1987 so being able to be right next to her on the banner is something that I’ve been working for as long as I can remember.”    

Now that the season is over, the girls miss getting on the court everyday. Voigt stated, “These girls became someone of my best friends and people who I loved playing and competing with. We all grew super close and I miss seeing them everyday.” Voight later stated, “I feel like the girls really did become a huge, dysfunctional family and I will always remember how happy I was playing with my team, through the losses and victories.”

Burkhart also stated, “I liked how close we were. We constantly had dinners together and would always be friends on and off the court. Everything we’ve gone through together has made us who we are today and I am so lucky to have a team like them full of wonderful girls.” Antic went on to say “Every member of the team contributed to our success”.

All three ladies said that the team had great chemistry and were all close to each other, with Burkhart saying, “The chemistry between the team was very good this season. I feel as if we are closer than ever and we are all very open with each other about personal, school and volleyball issues any of us have.” She continued on, saying, “I’m so proud of every single one of those girls and how much of a family we truly are. I love all those girls.”