Wrestlers note ‘family’ vibe of teammates

by Abby Hurst/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Livia Quigley practices pinning down her partner during a wrestling practice.

The wrestlers are looking forward to more competition this season. They have had four meets so far, placing third in the Elwood invitational, and they placed eighth at the Yorktown invitational. They lost to Pendleton Heights, but beat Franklin Central.

Logan Condrey, 10, had a positive outlook on the season. He stated, “So far this season I have really enjoyed watching myself grow as a wrestler and becoming more competitive.”

Chase Gardner, 9, also stated, “I’ve really liked working hard with my teammates and getting better, I’m looking forward to doing great things with this team.”

Dakota Herald, 9, also said, “I can tell a huge improvement over the course of the past couple of months and I can’t wait to see it pay off. I am looking forward to the big tournaments such as sectionals and regionals because I want to see our improvements since our first few meets.”

Livia Quigley, 9, also stated, “I lost my first match, but it gives me the determination to get better and show what I can do.”

The wrestlers are doing a lot to prepare for the season. Herald stated, “I am currently trying to gain weight. I have been eating around 2,500 – 3,000 calories a day and going to the gym once I get home from practice. Herald later stated, “Everyone wants to win so when they come to practice they give 110%.”

Quigley also stated, “I have been mentally preparing and working my hardest at practices. I have been working out, conditioning, and making sure I am in shape and able to give it my all at practices. I have been putting my health first.”

Jonah Fletcher, 10, stated “I like the progress that I have made. I have worked really hard this year.”

The team had positive comments about their head coach, Coach Josh Holden. Herald stated, “What I like about Coach Holden the most is that he constantly pushes us to do our best. He isn’t afraid to give us honest feedback.” Joshua VanOsdol 9, stated, “I like Coach Holden because he knows a ton about wrestling and he teaches it to us in a way that is easy to understand.”

Condrey also stated “He [Coach Holden] helps me be a better wrestler everyday by pushing me, and he also helps teach me be a better person by teaching us respect and the right way to do things.” Gardner also stated “I like how Coach Holden pushes us to get better and believes in every one of us.”

The team shows a lot of camaraderie. Quigley, stated, “I love my team, they push you through anything and motivate you to keep going.”

Herald also stated, “The teammates are the friendliest people you will ever meet, except when they are wrestling on the mat. Once you become dedicated to the team, they become your second family.”

Fletcher stated “I like that he [Coach Holden] pushes us to our limits. He treats us like a family.”

Condrey also stated “I have been on this team for almost two years now, and my favorite thing is the bonding with the people around me.With all the work we put in together we get very close.” Gardner also stated “I like being on the team because we all try to make each other better.”