Sideline cheer readies for basketball season

by Olivia Herbert

The next time that you’re at a basketball game, you may notice a group of students beaming with school pride, students dressed in uniform supporting their schools athletic activities. This group of teenagers are the Sideline Cheerleaders, and they take a great amount of time out of their personal lives to work on stunts, flips, and other things they need to be performance-ready. These girls work hard to be loud and proud so they can encourage the student sections to be loud with them. Haley Holden, 12, stated, “For basketball season, we are cheering on the teams and trying to lead the students.”

Along with supporting the basketball teams, they also support the football teams and compete against other schools cheerleading squads. Although competition season has ended and starts back up in the fall, the cheer team is already getting ready for it. Haley Holden, 12, said, “We are working harder on stunts and going to tumbling classes in order for the team’s next season to be amazing.” One of their main goals is to improve and learn more stunts that impress the crows. “We work at practice to get to know new skills that will look really cool in front of a crowd,” said Braelyn Couch, 9.

There are a lot of struggles to incessantly working on new stunts to perfect in order to display to a crowd of people. “During competition, we all sometimes struggle being positive when stunts don’t hit, or when people get hurt. Mainly because even when the smallest inconveniences happen it impacts the whole routine,” Couch said.

Even though there are some difficulties with learning new skills, there are a lot of positives as well. “My favorite thing about cheer is probably being a part of a team and making new friends,” said Grace Kelley, 10. There is a lot of hard work behind the scenes that many people don’t take into consideration.