Personality Profile: Teacher accommodates different learning styles

by Allison Hughey/Staff Writer

   Mrs. Julie Young has been teaching for 34 years, and she loves her job. “All my students are my favorite students,’’ she said.

Young loves “helping students understand what they are working on. I think of way to help it make sense, and it takes a lot of practice. When teaching students sometimes they don’t understand what you are teaching them, so I may break it into little parts to help students understand what they are working on,”  she said. She said she likes to see how the students progress and how her students have changed overtime.

She enjoys helping her students with their school work every day, she said.   She wanted to be a teacher to because she wanted to help students learn as much as she loves to learn, she said.

Her students also enjoy her class. “She explains things so well,” said Danny Reier, 9.  

Her peers also appreciate her efforts. “I like that she is quiet but knows how keep control of the class,” said Hannah Linn, teacher’s assistant in the Special Education department. 

Over Young’s career, there have been some changes. She has moved schools a few times. The way she has had to grade papers and do work has also changed over the years. Her least favorite part about her job is “all the paperwork,” said Young.