Boys golf ready to wrap up season

by Morgann Couch/Staff Writer

The boys golf team has done well this season, with first against Anderson and Morristown, on April 16th and  first  at Shelbyville, on May 8. They finished fifth in the HHC.

  Their coach Mr. Russell Wiley talked about how the team has done.  He stated, “We’ve had a really good season so far, we’ve only lost a few matches and finished 3rd in a 16 team invitational earlier this year.  We also had a player win the HHC tournament which was a first for me as a coach.

   Canyen Palmer, 12, stated, “The team this season as a whole group hasn’t done as good as it can be doing but we are expecting a big turn around after working out some issues that we had as individuals. The golf team has only two games left in the season before sectionals.

  Coach Wiley talked about what the team did well.  He stated, “I feel like we have a team that does a good job of being competitive and taking their improvement/practice seriously.  As a coach, the most frustrating thing to me is when a player doesn’t care very much about improving and being competitive and this group has been able to (improve and be competitive) consistently and has made them a fun group to coach.”

  Palmer felt positively about how the season has gone. “I feel that I have played well this season. I have the best score recorded this season at -1 but I’ve reached a little bit of a slump the last couple days. I’m really looking for that kick to get me going again.”

     Morgan Flanagan, 9, said that the team played “well, but we could’ve worked to have a lower score, myself included.”

  He added, “We have good teamwork and get along well.”

Wiley said “the desire to help people and the joy of watching people improve and get confidence” is what inspired him to be a coach, as well as “helping people just learn about life and learn how to overcome challenges.”