Softball heads into sectionals

by Zoe Starks/Staff Writer

The GC softball team’s record is 14-7, after beating some hard schools and staying competitive.

Coach Jason Stewart talked about how well he thinks the rest of the season is going to be. “Obviously, we only have two games left before sectionals. We are going to try and take these last two games as a warmup, to get ourselves ready for Monday. We will have two good opponents, Carmel and Lawrence North,” said Stewart.

Stewart explained what he wants his team to work on most before sectionals. Stewart said, “We just need to do a better job a swinging the bat, we’ve been struggling the last few games. We have the potential to do it, but our girls just need to make a few adjustments to what they are doing.”

Stewart discussed his coaching style for the season. “It was kind of lot of adjusting, and on the fly. We’ve had a lot of girls dealing with illnesses and injuries, so it’s kind of changed on a game-to-game basis,” Stewart said.

Stewart talked about the teams his feels are their biggest challenges. Stewart said, “Obviously, going into our sectionals, its Pendleton and Mt. Vernon, along with us. It’s going to be between us three. They both have really good squads, so it’s going to be a tough challenge to beat them.”

Madelyn Weidner, 12, said her goals for the season changed. “At the beginning of the season, I just wanted to work on rehab for my knee but now that I’m back I’m focusing a lot on my hitting and my mentality,” she said.

Weidner discussed what she thinks her team need to work on for the rest of the season. “We need to work on our motivation. Ten of us are seniors so we have some lack of motivation as the season is coming to an end. We also need to work on our communication on and off the field,” she said.

Weidner discussed her team’s goals. She said, “As a team, our goal is to just have fun. We want to win sectionals and have a winning record of course, but we want to make sure the underclassmen understand it’s important to enjoy what you’re doing and that the world’s not going to end if you have a bad game.”

Weidner talked about her team’s challenges throughout the season. Weidner said, “Our challenges stem from negativity and lack of accountability.”

Weidner talked about what she was looking most forward to in the season. “I am looking forward to getting to play with my friends. It’s a fun group and we all get along pretty well,” she said.

Weidner commented on what she wants to accomplish by the end of the season. “I want to accomplish just having a good, fun senior season with no drama on the team,” said Weidner.

Weidner talked about how she was mentally going to prepare for the rest of the season. Weidner said, “I am mentally preparing by just staying positive and giving as much effort I can give the team.”

Emily Francis talked about want she wants to work on the most this season. “Though our season is almost over, I personally want to continue working on staying focused each game in order to prepare for sectionals,” Francis, 12, said.

Francis discussed what she is looking forward to in the season. “I am looking forward to sectionals. Preparing for sectionals and getting ready is always fun, yet nerve wracking. The parents like to decorate the busses for us, which makes the environment fun and exciting,” said Francis.

Francis discussed her team’s goal. Francis said, “Every season our team has the goal of winning sectionals, as well as winning 20 games.”

Francis commented on what she wants to accomplish by the end of the season. Francis said, “Because this is my last season, I want to feel accomplished and satisfied with how it ends. At the end of the season I want to be able to say I put my all into every practice and every game.”

Francis talked about the challenges her and her team face during the season. “Every season is definitely a grind. With practices everyday, several games throughout the week, and tournaments or double-headers on the weekends, the team definitely gets worn out and tired. That is probably the biggest challenge we face every year. We all get physically and mentally worn down, but we help each other push through and push each other to play each game to the best of our abilities,” said Francis.

Francis discussed how she was going to mentally prepare for the rest of the season. Francis said, “For sectionals, I am mentally preparing by focusing every game and focusing on what I need to fix by that time. For the end of the season, I am mentally preparing by having fun at each game and making memories with my teammates. This year especially, the team seems to have a very special bond. We all get along and have so much fun together. Because this is my last season, I want to make the most of it and end on a happy note.”