Profile: Cole inspires others in art, life

By Kylie Burnett/Staff writer

Photo Caption: Ms. Sarah Cole helps a student with a project

Expressing yourself is an art of its own. And with the help of art teacher Ms. Cole, anything is possible. Ever since she was a child she loved to immerse herself in anything creative from building cardboard houses to simply drawing on paper. Her artistic skills shone through in her youth, and transferred their way into her career. She has helped many students including Piper Dale, she says “Ms. Cole is amazing at explaining, and will never leave you in the dust.”

This absolutely true, but surely someone had to jumpstart her passion? “That would be any woman in art.” Ms. Cole confidently answered. One of those amazing women that Cole admires would be Hilma Af Klint. She was an artist in the 19th century, and was one of the first to do expressionism. With expressionism, Ms. Cole loves any art with color and darkness too. Along with teaching she also sells art, creates galliers, and it’s definitely more than a hobby in her eyes. Her love for art may become tiring, and it may be competitive, but she is showing her students how to appreciate it.

Another student is Madison Leyh who says, “What I like about Ms. Cole is her crazy personality, and that she gives a helping hand.”
Because she is an inspirational art teacher, Cole also believes that there are many other ways to be involved with art. As a young artist may want to become famous, Ms. Cole thinks that you absolutely can. One way she says, “is by making money ahead of time, it’s a great way to start.” By making money for art can become a great start to being an professional artist. Speaking of helping young minds, advice that Ms. Cole has given is, “Comparison is the thief of joy,” said by Theodore Roosevelt. This is why students and staff at GC can count on Ms. Cole to help encourage others.

The whole energy of her class is simply exciting. As soon as you walk in the site of vibrant color, and texture hypnotizes you. Students sit and create with their peers. If you listen, you can hear Ms. Cole’s music taste like rock, Nirvana, and some pop playing in the background to fill whatever silence may roam. Her classroom reflects her passion for art.

While being inspirational, kind, and caring, she is also determined. Ms. Cole creates a safe and loving place to let her students express themselves freely. To create such a friendly environment she listens, and really takes what the kids have to say to heart. Like once in class she lets students come into her room to talk or just do their own thing. Helping her students and creating beautiful art is really a talent to behold. A final quote from Ms. Cole is, “Art is for everyone; putting pencil to paper is the first step.”