GC football features new coach, positive attitude

by Austin Tserlentakis/Staff Writer

The football team is starting the season with new freshmen, talented leaders, and a new head coach, Mr. Travis Nolting. The team has started with two losses, but they were two very difficult teams to face,  Plainfield and Whiteland Community. Whiteland Community ranks #69 out #339 teams in Indiana. Plainfield also ranks at #54 in Indiana. 

Nolting said one of his goals for the team this season is stamina. He said, “I want to teach these players to play 48 minutes of a football game and how to stay in it for 48 minutes.” 

Nolting also talked about his coaching philosophy: “Three principles. Enthusiasm, toughness, and love.” Nolting is also very confident in the rest of his coaching staff and players. Nolting said, “These players have grit, are willing to work hard, and are willing to be coached.”  

The team synergy is very strong this season. Assistant Coach Bryce Towle said, “I want my players to learn to be competitive.” Coach Nolting said, “The biggest goal is for my players to learn how to play on a competitive level.” Kyle Proper, 11, said, “I want to win and play competitively.” Ben Polster, 11, also said, “Being a part of the brotherhood in the football team makes me very motivated to play and be competitive.” 

Another big part of the team is being very supportive. A big part about Coach Nolting’s philosophy is being a positive coach. He also expects his players and leaders to be motivating. Coach Towle agrees that the other coaches are supportive. Ezra Spears grade 9 said, “I notice that everybody is very encouraging and motivating, especially the older players. They always make the long practices seem a little shorter.” 

 The quality that Coach Nolting notices about the GC team is everybody is excited and wants to play. Spears said, “My favorite part is just being able to go out on that football field and play.” Proper said, “The biggest goal is to win as a team and play as a team.” Coach Towle said, “I’m excited to see all these young men grow and get better.” This just proves how everybody is showing team synergy. 

The coaches also want to encourage the team as individuals. Coach Towle said, “As long as I make these players into great men, I have done my job as a coach.”