GC students offer thoughts on global issues

By Ella Maciel/Staff Writer

For the past couple weeks The Cougar Review asked several students what they knew about current important events around the world. Out of these students 7.5% are freshmen, 20% sophomores, 40% juniors and 32.5% seniors. Here are the results:

  1. What do you know about Brexit?


       “Nothing, it isn’t important to me”

While some students showed similar answers to the above responses, others explained what they knew:

           “It is about the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.”

           “The United Kingdom wants to leave the EU so that they can be more independent of economic falls of the EU and to stop foreigners from getting benefits without working as long as the British. The subject is highly controversial seeing as the vote was split nearly 50-50.”


  1. What is happening in Kashmir? Tell me about the current conflict.

In this question several students answered correctly:

         “Kashmir is an area controlled by 3 countries. They all want sovereignty over the territory. India has decided to crack down and take away autonomy. Pakistan and China are both upset over this.”

          “India decided to take a long-considered move using article 370 of its constitution to change the status if the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The current conflict is a territorial conflict primarily between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir region.”


Although some students were confused:

          “Well, shoot, I have no idea.”


      3. What do you know about the Amazon rain forest burning in Brazil?

Many students knew the answer for this question, because of its prominence on social media, especially Instagram, all over the world.

        “Wildfires had been started in the Amazon Rainforest, and while this happens every year, these were worse than usual. While the fires have mostly been taken care of now, the fires have brought light to the many controversies currently in Brazilian politics. This includes corruption in the government, President Bolsonaro’s role as an officer in the military during Brazil’s rule under the military dictatorship, and the morality of businesses in Brazil.”

       “That the government isn’t accepting any help from other countries —he signed over the rights to something that supports farming which is why there is so much more going on. there is a lot of land that has burned that is not going to be able to use again and it won’t be good if this keeps happening.”


      4.Do you know about the protests happening in Hong Kong recently? What is being protested?

Although this is a recent subject, many students showed little knowledge about it:

      “Not really. The police?”

Other students showed their knowledge about the topic: 

     “China trying to get more control, especially in extraditing criminals or political dissidents to the mainland.”

     “The protests in Hong Kong are over democracy and freedom. They say that China is taking too much too soon.”


  1. What do you know about the conflict between Palestine and Israel?

This conflict has been going on for quite a while now, but some students didn’t know the answer or answered vaguely:

       “ I think it is over land”

       “They are fighting, Palestine being the aggressor.”

Other students talked about the reason it’s happening and gave more information:

        “ The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a series of event politically and militarily since 1948, when the region was granted independence from the United Kingdom. On a number of occasions, Israel’s neighbors have teamed up with Palestine to invade Israel and take the land for Palestine, but have failed each time. From time to time, Palestinian paramilitary groups and the Israeli army have skirmishes that end up destroying homes and killing civilians caught I the crossfire. The international community is also divided over the issue, with some states only recognizing Palestine, others only recognize Israel, and some recognizing both.”


  1. What is happening in Venezuela politically?

The international community has already discussed a lot on this subject over the years, especially last year. Some students didn’t know how to answer this:

        “Government? Lol idk”

         “Probably something to do with communism”

         “Chaos and anarchy.”

Of course, some of them could give more details:

         “A socioeconomic crisis, and political crisis, escalating starvation, disease, crime, resulting in massive emigration from the country.”

         “Venezuela is essentially being held hostage governmentally by the government. There was a coup and the resistance took hold, but they’re saying the military will remain in power until they can settle everything. The Venezuelan government is refusing any help.”


  Knowing about what is going on in the rest of the world is important, especially in the globalized world we live in. Having an idea of what is going on in the rest of the world can help people learn and understand the world around them.

   Given all of that, The Cougar Review thanks the students who participated in this research.