GC students offer thoughts on teaching, learning styles

by Paiton Stewart/Staff Writer  

               Teachers at GCHS teach in many different, creative ways that needed to be acknowledged. The Cougar Review distributed a Google form for students to share their thoughts on the teaching/learning styles that work best for students.

      Many students shared similar thoughts on teaching styles and what helped them learn the best. 

    The first question asked was “What do your Language Arts teachers do that helps you learn best?”  Four students said class discussions help best. Eight students said more explanation helps them best. Ten students said that direct teaching helps them best. Three said that further details helps them most.  Eight said that examples and projects helps them learn best. Finally four said time to study in class helps them best.

       Next question was “What do your science teachers do that helps you learn best?” Two said class discussions. Eight said more explanation. Four said direct teaching. Four said further details. Eleven said examples and projects. And finally five said in-class study time.

    Next was “What does your math teachers do that helps you learn best?” Six said further explanation. Ten said direct teaching. Two said further details. Seven said examples and projects and one said study time.

      Fourth was “What do your history teachers do that helps you learn best?” Four said in-class discussions. Five said further explanation. Seven said direct teaching. One said examples and projects. And four said in class study time.

    Finally “What do your foreign language teachers do that helps you learn best?” One said in class discussions. Four said explanation. Eleven said direct teaching. Seven said examples and projects. And Sixteen said in class study time.

   With all of the said there were some more personal questions asked. 

   “What types of activities, lessons, demonstrations, formats, etc. help you learn?” “What helps me is explained work half the time and guided/independent work in the other half.”

“Worksheets, notes, study sets.”

Many students said that study websites such as Quizlet, Quizizz, Kahoot!, etc. help them to understand the material as well. 

The next question asked was “ Is there anything your teachers don’t do that would help you learn?” Many students said that there was really nothing that their teachers do not do that would help them. Yet a few listed some tasks that would help them. Some said diagrams, hands on work, group projects, more explanation, and to slow down on their explanation.

    This question leaves the teachers’ name out so there is no way of indirectly praising one certain teacher because every teacher should be recognized for their hard work and dedication.  “What class or teacher has helped you the most so far? Why is that?” 

“A teacher has helped me a lot with lessons after school and explaining what is going on.”

“A teacher always interacted with us, and helped me when I needed it.”

“A teacher has helped me the most academically and personally because they are just a wonderful person. They genuinely care about their students so you feel like you always have somewhere to go and someone to talk to.”

“A teacher is very helpful when it comes to explaining things more and going in depth when I’m confused.”