Students balance sports, homework, activities during Homecoming Week

by Abby Mulligan/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Star Caldwell, 11, decorates the cafeteria windows for Homecoming.

   Many people love the week of Homecoming for Greenfield-Central. But does anyone truly know all the hard work that goes into planning the week’s events? How does the student body take part in the overall organization of everything? How are school, sports, and festivities fit into one schedule? All of these questions come into consideration during one of the busiest weeks in the beginning of the school year.

The first part of Homecoming week is scheduling festivities that all the students can take part in. From painting cafeteria windows to having spirit days each day of the week, there are multiple activities to enjoy. Avery Frye, sophomore class student council president, described planning as, “…putting people in places where they can help us with powder puff, male volleyball, etc.” When asked about deciding a theme, he answered with information about how the Student Council dedicates time to perfectly working out an idea. “Each grade level picks a daily theme based on the overall theme…this year it is music,” he said. 

Frye is also a member of the football team, and he described the pressure of Homecoming activities on the way the team plays. “I think there is some pressure from classmates that we have to win Homecoming… I’m personally showing my school spirit by working my hardest on the football field to increase our chance at beating Shelbyville.” As football is one of the main focuses of Homecoming week in general, having a large array of participating students is important also. Katie Curry, 10, describes how not only does the school get involved in Homecoming week, but the community of Greenfield itself does, also. “ I know Greenfield is super big about Homecoming as a whole, and I think our school goes all out for ‘Hoco’, so yes, I do think that the way we celebrate reflects the community.”

Along with filling up time with all the excitement of Homecoming festivities, students are also busy with actual schoolwork. Caroline Gibson, 11, gave her opinion on what it is like to play a sport, focus on Homecoming, and do homework all at the same time. “Homework for sure has put some pressure on me and the way I play because it can get stressful. Having up to three matches in a week and then having homework every night gets stressful. Having to balance both along with practice is tough,” she said.

So, while Homecoming week can get stressful, students manage to find a balance and have fun at the same time. Even though the week is busy and sometimes stressful, Homecoming is more about fully uniting as a school. Gibson said, “I don’t think it’s just Homecoming that represents our community; I think it’s every sport and band and club at our school that builds a culture that everyone wants to be around. Homecoming week, though, it seems like everyone tries to get involved somehow and that’s something really cool to be a part of.”