Hudson helps students have real world experience

 Kyler Rhoades/Staff Writer

Of the many interesting classes to choose from at Greenfield-Central, one of the most unique is the Radio/TV class. The class gives students a real-world experience and helps prepare them in many ways for life after high school. Mr. Hudson has been teaching Radio/TV at Greenfield-Central since the fall of 2013, and is a huge part of the program.

    Hudson, a former video editor, videographer, and photographer, talked about what goes on in the Radio/TV class: “Unlike most schools we have two live stations that need constant programming. Ninestar Channel 9 is a part of Ninestar Connect’s cable network so people regularly see what we produce on the air. Then you have 89.7 WRGF, which is FCC Class A station, which can be picked up on any regular radio. There’s a lot of responsibility involved in keeping two live stations running with programming. Outside of that, we do a lot of fun video and editing projects: PSA’s, Music Videos, Documentaries, Foley Editing, Newscasts, and other stuff.” The two live stations Hudson refer to are what make the class a very unique and different experience compared to other courses at the high school. Students take part in broadcasting and producing these shows almost daily.

    One of the live stations, 89.7 WRGF, is run by Hudson. He is responsible for programming, maintenance, legal matters, and overall functions of the station. Students who take the class will quickly understand the expectations from Hudson. Describing his teaching style in one word, Hudson said, “Untraditional.” He went on to say how he doesn’t come from academics, but the broadcast industry where people are blunt, honest, reliable, but unforgiving. “A lack of effort will get you replaced with someone who may not even be as talented. In this industry, talent is overrated, it’s always about the effort. It’s shaped how I teach and my mentality with our Radio/TV program.” Hudson expects your best, and will not be satisfied with anything less.

    It is also clear how he is viewed by his peers and his students. Chris O’ Connor, 11, a student in his second year of the Radio/TV program, said this about Hudson, “He is very transparent, what you see with him is what you get, he tells you what to do, and expects you to be professional and get it done.”

Mr. McKenna, director of Telecommunications in the Radio/TV program said he enjoys working with Mr. Hudson due to his youth and enthusiasm, and the connections he’s able to make with students across the board.

    While Hudson has high expectations and is very serious about the job at hand, he is relatable with students, humorous, and still young. Hudson said, “It’s not uncommon for a student to walk in the door, hear me yell ‘Think Fast,’ and see a Nerf ball coming at them full speed.” At the end of the day, Hudson believes students appreciate his blunt honesty. He says it’s how humans grow as students, instructors, and people.

    Outside of teaching, Hudson is an avid cyclist, plays tennis, basketball, golf, and enjoys weight training. He also loves music, can play guitar, bass, piano, drums, and frequently DJ’s weddings and dances. Hudson described an entire room in his home dedicated to music, which he calls “The Music Room Man Cave” where he hangs out with friends, practices DJ sets, and makes mashups and original music.

    While Hudson puts a huge emphasis on getting the job done, and expects the best from his students, he is a fun individual to be around, and helps students grow in many different ways. If you’re considering joining the Radio/TV class, you won’t regret it… unless maybe you get hit by Mr. Hudson’s Nerf ball.