Profile: Mr. Robertson shares about time in Army

Jaden McGee/Staff Writer

Eric Robertson, also known as Mr. Robertson here, is a teacher at Greenfield Central, but there is a lot some may not know about him. Robertson and his son answered a few questions about his serving for our country, and how it affected his family.

Robertson was a young college student fed up with the idea for school. He joined the army at a young age. “I decided to join the army when I was 19 years old,” stated Robertson. With a rather easy decision on joining the army, Robertson said, “I was done with college, I went two years…I was like this is not for me, I did not want to have a whole bunch of debt when I got out of it.” Mr. Robertson was dedicated to the army; he said he served for 20 years, 1990-2010.

Robertson there was a such thing as a normal day in the Army? “No..there is a schedule, but nothing is never normal anything can happen at anytime. It depends on the line of work also, you could say yeah, but it just depends on the line of work.” For being away all that time  people miss their families, and technology was not as modern then, so you have to wonder how often and how did he keep track of his family? Robertson said, “Letters, and telephone that was it; we didn’t have cell phones. I contacted them once a week, just depended on what we were doing and where we are at.” The Army can be a tough place, and a mental challenge but positive things can happen.

Robertson talked about some comic moments in the midst of serious times. Robertson explained a funny story about water in a canteen. “There were these canteens of water that were in the sun all day, and we were about to leave and I realized it was hotter than bath water. I told one of the guys to go get fresh cold water… we got back and it is like 9:30 and we all had to drink our canteens and everyone else’s was hot and ours were cold so we finished our rather quickly. Everyone else is throwing up because of how hot the water is. We finished our water, and were smarter than everyone else so we got to go shower first.” 

Robertson discussed how he was about to handle all of the tasks and the stress of daily life in the army.  He said “I was a three sport athlete in high school, so nothing we did wasn’t harder than I’ve already done. Plus I wanted it, I wanted to be there, I wanted to get through it. It was a challenge. It was a super challenge.” 

 His son, Gavin Robertson, talked about his dad’s time in the military. When asked, “What does it mean to you that your dad served our country?” he said, “It means a lot because I know the sacrifices that he had to make in the military regardless of his rank, and it shows that he cared a lot.” Gavin talked about the possibility of his own service in the military. He said, “His service to me has a big impact on me, but through his stories and stuff he has told me, I’m not sure that would be something I would 100% commit to, but if the opportunity came up and it was best for me, I would love to do something like that.”