Coach encourages passion for dance

Christina Keene/ Staff writer

Greenfield Central’s head dance coach, Brittany Taing, has been coaching for over 11 years. She also works as the junior high librarian. She puts a lot of time and effort into making sure her teams are successful. “I am very passionate about helping students and making them work hard for what they want to achieve,” she says. Taing influences a lot of students every year. 

    Taing danced for many years before becoming a coach. She has seven years of schooling in various areas, such as education, massage therapy, and athletic training. Taing says, “My passion for dance and helping kids grow and achieve their goals is what made me want to coach.”

    Taing loves the fact that she gets to coach at GC. She is a Greenfield-Central alum, so the opportunity for her to coach here and rebuild her high school program was one she could not refuse. She loves connecting with kids and helping them achieve their goals for the future. She is a firm believer in teaching life skills and lessons through dance that will make her students better prepared for life after high school. 

    “My coach has influenced me by pushing me outside of my comfort zone which makes me a better dancer because she teaches me new skills,” said Molly Eads, 9. 

Brooklyn Blanton, 9, has also stated, “My coach has influenced me by making me work hard and try and achieve my goals easier than I would have before.” It is one of Taing’s biggest goals in life to have her students succeed. So far she is helping a lot of the current members thrive. 

    Taing has led many of her students to do great things. She has graduated a current Colts cheerleader, two dancers at Butler University, one at Indiana State, one at Ball State, and one at Eastern Kentucky. She loves getting to connect with all of these people, although it is hard for her to let them go. 

    One of her favorite things about coaching is having the opportunity to do amazing things. “My career has been filled with highlights since I took over. I have been so lucky to have inherited such a strong group of dancers in the last several years,” Taing says. “Most notably are back to back state titles in 2016 and 2017, and a historical Nationals appearance where the team made it to the Finals for the very first time, and ended up placing 14th in a very tough division.” She is very proud of her teams that have made it so far and have done so many great things. 

    Taing has inspired many and continues to inspire others. Her determination to help others is what one might say makes her a great coach and person. “I have always loved helping others and I am honored to be able to do that for a living,” she said.