Freshman girls choir prepare for concerts

by Emily Rigney/Staff Writer

GCHS choir students are very involved in what they do. Concert preparation is one of the many focusing tasks they have to remember and get ready for. Most of the time spent in classes is preparing for choir concerts and upcoming choir activities. Students such as Christina Keene, 9, says, “Yes, I am excited to see what it is like to sing with a group of people and perform,” when asked if she is looking forward to future choir activities, such as the upcoming concert. The first choir concert of the year starts in October, and the students preparing shared how they feel about getting ready. 

Being in choir at GCHS means lots of effort needs to be put into your work. Having to remember and practice songs with difficult melodies and notes can sometimes be complicated. The preparation can also be simple to those who are working as hard as possible. “The concert prep has been super easy and fun. I am really happy about having the second soprano part in choir,” says Eliza Jensen, 9. Jensen also states, “I am really proud of how hard I have worked on each of the songs. I have most of them memorized and ready for the concert.” 

Dedication plays a strong role when it comes to choir. You need to be passionate about what you are feeling throughout singing. Sometimes, finding how passionate you are can be difficult, an issue that choir student Hannah Skene, 9, struggles with. “(My dedication is) not strong because I don’t like the songs.” On the other hand Keene says that her dedication feels “Strong, because I want to learn the words and hit the right notes.” Learning to cope with how you feel is going to be a long process, but at the end, it is worth it. Getting to perform with dedication and passion in your work will pay it all off in the end.

Even though it is soon to tell, these freshman choir students are still deciding if they want to continue choir next year. Other students know what they want already. Jensen says, “I would love to do choir next year because I like singing and I have several friends to hang out with.” She knows for sure that she is going to continue this throughout her high school years. “Yes, because I want to fill a spot in my schedule,” was Skene’s response. Lastly, Keene says, “Maybe, I want to see what the rest of the year is like before I officially decide.” She wants to take time to see if this is the right path for her.