Profile: Walker helps students focus on career path

by Leah Olin/Staff Writer

Landon Warren, a kind-hearted, straight to the point, ‘get stuff done’ sort of guy, is growing up faster, it seems, all the time. Graduation day is getting closer and closer and his life will begin right around the corner. Luckily for him, he knows exactly what he is doing for his future.

Although Warren has always been a ‘let’s do it’ type of boy, he went for the prize in an important decision. “They gave me a paper to sign up so I just took it,” he said of signing up for Warren’s Walker Career Center. He knew he’d be having a different kind of high school experience for the rest of his time here at Greenfield-Central. Being a junior, Warren decided it was the best fit for him. This way he would be more educated for his potential job.

Warren did not go to the career center for his friends. He did not care for the product/solution he could possibly get out of this experience. He went strictly for staying-out-of-school purposes. “I just didn’t really like school so I saw this as an easy way out,” he said brightly with almost too wide of a smile. He later came to realize what the career center is truly all about: helping students access their goals at a young age.

The family business is plumbing and Warren thinks he wants to take over someday. To get the right kind of education, one can’t attend a high school alone. “This opportunity will definitely help with what you want in your future,” Landon’s classmate from GC, Zach Verosko 9, states confidently, “If plumbing is in Landon’s future, it seems he is on the right track.”

Because the career center has increasingly gained a variety of courses to take within the past decade, more students should be attending but do not because of the drive all the way from Greenfield to Walker. When looking at all of the amazing possibilities that are offered, more should potentially be interested. “There are full time job offers waiting for students when it’s over,” says one of the directors, Kim Kile. She went on to say, “[The career center is a] good path for kids who know they want to look more towards a career rather than college after high school.”

Since plumbing is what Warren’s future is looking like, he obviously tried to find classes that would best fit him. “I work mostly with construction,” said the plumbing guru. Taking construction, Landon said that all of the information he learns in that area helps with the understanding of the tools he may use or sometimes even how some of the machinery works.

With only fifty to sixty students attending this year, that leaves plenty of room for hundreds of more Greenfield students. “It is a great way to combine traditional high school with job preparations,” Kile continued. Pupils often times get overly bored and caught up in the life of an average high schooler, but taking the next step up in working towards the future, earlier than usual, may be a decision which encouraged teens might consider. Landon never expected to see so much growth through this singular project, but this option is a connection straight to the real world. 

Having a drive for a career path is rare in the 15 to 18 age division so if there is a push, students should listen to the conscience telling them to move forward. Not only is Walker beneficial for time to come, but it is full of new people as well. “My favorite part is the people I meet,” says Warren in a very matter of fact manner. In meeting new people, it makes the experience even more appealing and wonderful.

All in all, Warren’s time at the career center has influenced him in ways that cannot be ignored, especially by his future self. With supportive friends like Verosko, Warren students, Greenfield students, and even Mrs. Kile, there is nothing Landon can’t face alone. Starting life early and getting that head start is a boost so many do not have the opportunity to take. As Mrs. Kile said it best, “The kids who do it and do it well and do it with a purpose have really good success and placement afterwards.”