Students celebrate ways GC encourages creativity

by Macey Mekos/Staff Writer

I asked myself this question: Do I think GCHS allows any creative freedom? I didn’t know what the answer seemed to be, so I decided to think more on the topic. First, I defined creative freedom. To me, I would say creative freedom means that we are allowed to create things independently; we are allowed to make things without following many rules or constraints. 

The obvious examples of freedom to be creative would be in the art classes. The art classes tend to encourage an independent sense of creativity. Emma Wasson, 11, expressed, “You have free rein to all of the materials and they let us create what we want.” Expression of our minds is appreciated in those classes. Yes, there are assignments and projects that we have to complete, but those projects have so much leniency to the point that they don’t feel like a chore. The stress of getting those projects done isn’t present like it is with any other classes and assignments. 

More traditional classes, such as math, science, and English tend to stick with a course that is given to them and usually don’t stray far from the path. Before high school you were given set instructions to every assignment, but I’ve noticed at the high school the teachers try their best to give students freedom in the work we’re assigned. For example, some English teachers frequently give a writing prompt and students are allowed to write whatever they like that has relation to the prompt. I think that’s a great example of creative freedom because the teacher gives a topic to write about and our imagination is allowed and encouraged when we write. 

I also asked myself if the school encourages creativity. I believe the teachers give us as much freedom as is appropriate and they make an effort to encourage us to express ourselves. Mr. McKenna, Radio/TV teacher, added, “We do allow creative freedom that is appropriate for the setting we are in with the wide range of students we have.” Another way of encouragement the school has shown would be the display cases that showcase the paintings, drawings, and sculptures that have been made by students. This is a way to show that being artistic is something to be appreciated. 

I believe I can conclude that the school does allow originality and encourages creative freedom. “The teachers are usually more accepting than students,” Summer Griffin, 9, stated. Teachers here at GCHS have a more open-minded approach to education than any other school I have attended. I, along with many other students, can say that GCHS definitely  encourages creativity.