Sarah Grace Overby Memorial

By Hailey Dodds/Staff Writer

Sarah Grace Overby, 17, was born February 7, 2000 and passed early in the morning of May 2 in a car accident. The next morning, students and teachers gathered at the flagpole to honor Sarah. This was led by Gretchen Miller, Joshua Teager, and Chris Aguilar, whom all stood hand-in-hand, as did many other students.

Also Wednesday night, there was a memorial held at Calvary Baptist Church, the church Sarah had attended with her family for the majority of Sarah’s life. The following Saturday was Sarah’s showing and funeral at Park Chapel. Friends, students, and teachers attended all of the events in memory of Sarah. Some students attended barefoot in honor of Sarah constantly taking her shoes off, so “nothing could come between her and the world,” as she would say.

Classmates have had many positive things to say about Sarah. Joshua Taeger, 11, who had known Sarah since he had moved to Greenfield three years ago, knew Sarah very well. He says that they were so close that there were moments where Sarah had known him better than he had known himself. Taeger described Sarah as a “free spirit, who was all about the thrill, with nothing to hold her back.”

Tanner Hord, 11, said Sarah was a “very kind soul. She was adventurous, caring, and she obviously enjoyed art.” Sarah’s art was on display at her showing and funeral on Saturday. “She just had that aura of love that permeated through everyone,” said Hord.

Gretchen Miller, 11, said that Sarah was “beautifully complex. She craved the outside world and seeing what it had to offer. She was constantly wanting to be outside and wanting to embrace nature’s energy that, without fail, always wrapped around her and captured her heart.”

Friends such as Teager and Hord used “hippie” to describe their close friend. As memories were being talked about, Hord told the memory of he and Sarah traveling to a pumpkin patch in their elementary years, and Sarah had jokingly gotten upset. She had thrown a pumpkin at Tanner’s head. Even in high school, they continued to joke about that day. Teager recalled how he introduced Sarah to male music artist, Jon Bellion and his song “Luxury.” They would sing it together, no matter the time or place.

Miller had too many memories to pick just one but said she “cherished every moment with her.”

In loving memory of Sarah Grace Overby, friends wanted people to remember her by this quote: “I belong wherever I want to be.”