Seniors recall favorite high school memories

By Chloé Westra and Steven Coffin / Staff Writers



“The memory that I think will stand out most when I look back at high school in 10 years would probably have to be all of the friendships I made, all of the good and bad times I went through, and just all of the fun I had throughout school. There isn’t one memory that stands out more than the other because they were all great memories. The moments, people, and relationships I met and made throughout high school are some of the greatest moments I could have ever asked for. I am and will always be blessed and privileged to have been able to call myself a leader in the school and I will be forever proud to call myself a Cougar.” -Austin Graddy, 12


“I think a collection of funny memories will stand out in 10 years, mostly messing around in Mr. Weiland and Mrs. Goshen’s art class.” -Francois Smith, 12


“I honestly don’t have any memories that stand out to me and all I’ll remember from this school is that you’ll lose people, you’ll meet people, you’ll win games, you’ll lose games, you’ll succeed, you’ll fail, but that’s just life.” -Morganne Denny, 12


“My favorite memory from my high school experience would be winning runner-up at state for marching band my senior year.” -Dalton Blake, 12


“My favorite senior memory would have to be when I arrived to Greenfield Centra High School, and I ending up meeting so many new people. It was a great feeling, and I’m sad I am leaving, but I’m going to look back on all the high school memories and be very blessed that I came here”. -Jerrica Bew, 12


“I would have to say that my favorite memory from high school would have to be the pep rallies. Not really one specific but it was always awesome coming together as a school and showing some Cougar pride”. -Keaton Rizor, 12


“My favorite memory is probably during one of the Spirit Weeks. My freshman year Homecoming Spirit Week was probably one of my favorite times and probably what I have my fondest memory of.” -Meghan Batka, 12

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