GC remembers Andrew Hall

By Jackson Smith/ Staff Writer

Andrew Hall, a 15-year-old sophomore from GC, tragically passed away after a car accident on March 15th, 2015. Friends, teachers, and the G-C community remember him this May, which would have been his graduation year.

Close friend Keenan Lewis, 11, said, “Andrew was the type of person who was always trying to make everyone laugh. Being around him just made people happy, and that’s what he loved to do.”

Andrew was also a good student, star baseball player for GC’s team. Mr. Bill Hacker, GC Junior High English teacher, said, “Everyone liked Andrew.”

The morning after his passing, over 500 students wearing blue walked in the school together in memorial of his life. He has been dearly missed around GC, and we can only hope to wonder about his dreams and aspirations, as he had planned to attend Ball State.

Lewis shared with us her favorite memories of Andrew and her thoughts on how he’s been remembered, “I was wearing a Red Hot Chili Pepper shirt, one of his favorite bands, and I vividly remember him saying, “nice shirt.” After that, I knew we had to be friends because of his music taste and we just ended up bonding over everything imaginable.”

Lewis continued, “Although I can’t speak for everyone, Andrew Hall was remembered, at least by the people who knew him as a type of light in the dark. On good days and bad days, he was always there and ready to attempt to turn your day around. He was loved by many and friends with even more. He’s always going to live in the hearts of the people who knew him and will be remembered by the people who went to school at Greenfield-Central High School on the day of March 16th, the day after he passed.