GC shows appreciation for Mr. Bryant’s commitment to students, faculty

By Halle Wynn / Staff Writer

After 18 years, Mr. Bryant, the current principal of our school, has decided to retire this year. Over the years, Mr. Bryant has helped our school greatly,including both students and teachers.

“I think Mr. Bryant is wonderful! What I most admire about him is the way he cares for people and students.  He helps students perform to the best of their abilities. He helps them when they are hurting.  He praises all of us for our accomplishments.  He always goes out of his way to make sure that we all feel appreciated,” Mrs. Janeen Gill, science teacher, said.

“I have met and worked with hundreds of principals and I have never seen one as good as Mr. Bryant,” said Mr. Jason Cary, incoming principal here at GC.

Being a part of the school by serving as the principal is one thing but having a good a team spirit is also highly regarded. Kaylee Tompkins, 10, said, “When they announce it was a great night for sports events and other extra curricular activities’, he was there helping us succeed and watching us win”. Mr. Bryant makes sure to always support GC. The band and color guard at GC highly appreciate him being there at their shows and helping them along the way.

Katherine Hilligoss, 9, color guard member, stated, “He has helped the color guard by being there and cheering us on and he has paid for our meals after WGI. It meant a lot to us for him to be there.”

On May 11, Mr. Bryant had the honor of getting an award named after him that was known as the “Promise Keeper” award. The “Promise Keeper” award goes to a person in our community that puts effort into our school, promotes our programs and supports us in all the activities we do. The first time this award was given, Mr. Bryant earned it.

Schuyler Jensen, junior, states “Mr. Bryant leads with example and keeps his head up, making sure his career effort did not diminish through the years

“No one will be able to replace Mr Bryant, he might be retired but he is forever in our school,” Ian Cole, 11, said.  

Next year, Bryant strives to travel and adventure on a Mediterranean cruise with his wife. He will occasionally come to GC to watch his grandson play football and baseball.

Mr. Bryant stated, “I cherish every day I have with students and staff at GC and hate to see all of it end.”

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