Boys’ tennis: Hard work, tough opponents

by Alexis Sisson/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Logan Hager

The boy’s tennis team have had some struggles in their season, but they keep fighting. They are 5-10 right now.

Both varsity and JV came in 3rd place at county on Sept. 9. They also came in 3rd place at the Triton Central Invitational on Aug. 26.

Important wins for the Cougars include: Scecina Memorial, Cardinal Ritter and Morristown.

Garrett McKee, 11 said the opponents this year have been pretty tough.

“I think that the boys tennis team has faced some challenging teams like Delta, New Pal, and Franklin,” McKee said.  “Although we lost against those teams, there are other teams that are more our skill level so we will have a better chance of winning.”

McKee said the coach and the new players have added a encouraging effect.

“Some highlights for the tennis season so far are meeting new freshman and seeing what they bring to the team,” McKee said. “Another highlight is having a good coach that will show you how to improve any way possible.”

Mason Bussell, 11, said he was feeling positive about the season overall.

“I feel we are doing good for where we are at with our depth,” Bussell said. “Win or loss, we always come out with the same exact attitude the very next day to get better. We have had some big team moments and big team wins.”

Bussell said the team has put in a lot of work so far.

“We practice 3 hours a day so we get plenty of work in at practice,” Bussell said. “Tennis is not an easy sport nor something for everyone, tennis takes time and effort.”

Steven Roland, 11, agreed with Bussell about the work involved.

“Tennis for me personally gets a little easier every year. You get more in shape every year,  and you start finding new things to improve or work on.  Now if you look at the work some players including me, go out and get lessons, and we play year round and tennis is our main sport.”

He also added that the team starts workouts around the start of July.  

“It all really depends on how much work you want to put in,” Roland said.  “Sometimes we will go home sore, drenched in sweat, tired to the point if you sit down you’re going to fall asleep.”

McKee said he tries to come out to practice every day and give 110%. There are some days where he may not be feeling the best, but he said he still tries to contribute something to our tennis team.

McKee also said, “Tennis is definitely something that everyone can master with time. We all have to start somewhere and usually that start is not good but as we put in time and effort we become varsity level tennis players.

Roland said, “I wouldn’t say tennis is hard but it’s definitely not easy.  By the end of the year we are surprised at how much you can improve your tennis game in a short amount of time.”