Homecoming parade shows array of clubs at GC

by Hailey Hall/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Blue Fusion members dance in the Homecoming Parade Sept. 15. 

The annual Homecoming parade makes its route through Greenfield the Friday before Homecoming. The parade is a fun experience for almost everyone in the family.=

Many after school activities participate in the parade, as well as Homecoming court members and other groups in the community.

Lily Richardson, 9, is a part of FCCLA, and helped with the assembling of the float and was in the parade.

“The theme we chose was Hawaiian,” Richardson said. “We chose a Hawaiian theme because we liked the central idea of family, vacations, and bringing people together.”

Even though it was a group discussion on how the theme would be chosen, some ideas can be left out. “I was pretty certain on the theme we were doing,” Richardson said. “Although we did talk about making it a little more elaborate.”

“We wanted to make more decorations for the float,” she said, “We also should have made sure the decorations we did have on the float were in better places, because the kept falling off.”

Sometimes parades can be stressful and hectic for the people designing, walking, and putting the float together. “I was a little anxious about being in front of so many people, but after a few minutes it was fine and I had a lot of fun,” Richardson said.

“Parades are a great way for schools and local businesses to interact with the community and they are  something fun for the families as well,” Richardson said.

Clio Inman, 9, who has been in past parades, said, “Being in the parade was probably my favorite part of being in junior blue fusion, I loved seeing the people sitting outside just to watch the parade.”

Float design can potentially be the hardest part of preparing for a parade. “I think the hardest part was trying to make something creative and original for the float,” Inman said. “Trying to make a unique float can get difficult when you participate in the parade every year.”

There are always ups and downs to parades. “It was really great when I got to see my friends and family standing there watching the parade,” Inman said. “It was hard not to go up to them and talk to them, but when you’re actually in the parade you have to keep walking. You don’t have time to sit and chat.”  

“Parades are a really good way to show teamwork, like putting together an idea and making it into something real is hard. It’s difficult but it turns out great in the end and it helps build teamwork,” Inman said.  

“It’s fun to be in parades because you can see the joy in the crowd, and in their smiles. It’s also so much fun to throw the candy and watch the kids catch it,” Alexis Inman, 11, said.