GC volleyball 4-1 at home this season

by Mariam Elassal/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Photo retrieved from @gccougarsvolleyball from instagram

This picture shows Makayla Price, 9, in action. Price was named HHC Co-player of the week after tallying 19 kills and 17 digs against Lafayette Central Catholic on September 9.

With their recent win over Decatur Central, the GC volleyball girls have had a great first half of their season. The Cougars beat Decatur with a score of 2-0. The Cougars stand at 11-8 on the season.

Alissa Knecht, 9, who plays setter on varsity,  is taking on her first season of high school volleyball and has many goals. “One of my main goals this season is to just grow as a player, and to learn and improve from my mistakes.”

Knecht, who has been playing volleyball since she was in fourth grade along with club volleyball, has her own strengths and weaknesses just like any other player. “A weakness of mine is that I am only a freshman and don’t have much high school volleyball experience and I am only 5’5, so not as tall as other players.”

All athletes have bad days. Grace Silcox, 10, plays outside attacker on the junior varsity team. “It’s hard when I have a bad day, I usually talk it out with my mom and focus on how I could’ve done better. I also focus on how I’m going to fix it the next game,” she stated.

A volleyball practice generally consists of an individual practice, called the toolbox, followed by the varsity and junior varsity teams splitting off into their individual courts. As a warm up, the teams will pass and hit. Once the players are warmed up, Coach Travis Fuller will have the team work on scenarios and rotations depending on what needs to be strengthened at the team.

The team practices 6 days a week, if one of those practices hasn’t been a game. By the end of the week, the team devotes about 18+ hours to volleyball, not including team bonding. At the moment, the Greenfield Central volleyball team has a season record of 11-8.

After games, Coach Fuller will talk to the team about what he thought of the game. “If team wins, our tradition for an away game is for the bus to take laps around the roundabout.”

In one of their most recent games, varsity player, Molly Broome, 11, recorded her 2,000th career assist. She was 168 short of the all time record.  Price, who plays outside attacker, recorded 13 kills. The Cougars will play Southport High School on Sept. 25.