GC wishes Goshen well in move

Interviews by: Shelby Wallace

GC is sad to see Mrs. Janelle Goshen, art teacher, move on due to her husband’s new job in Florida, but happy for her new opportunities. Goshen was here three years.

Goshen said she will miss GC. “I liked how passionate and caring the staff was, how excited the students were to learn and grow,” she said.

Mrs. Lisa Sears, Goshen’s colleague in the art department, also enjoyed working with Goshen. “She is a ray of sunshine,” Sears said. “She is a great listener and always up for shenanigans.”

Jeff Weiland, art department, agreed. “I could always count on her to brighten up the day. Her bubbly disposition was always good for a laugh or two.”

Sears said Goshen is passionate about her art. “It shows in her teaching. She is constantly trying new things, learning from her failures and building on her successes.”

Weiland said one of Goshen’s best qualities is her strong motivation to explore and implement new ideas in the classroom. “She had very little fear of the unfamiliar,” Weiland said.

With such a close department, three years was plenty of time for memorable moments.

Sears said they were roommates in Italy on a trip with students in 2016. “One morning (Goshen) was having trouble waking up, so I stole her blankets and she stuck her arms down her sweatpants.”

Weiland mentioned that PLC meetings were interesting. “They were always multitasking for her–eating her breakfast, working on curriculum, all while doing her make-up,” he said.

Goshen said one of her students, Katrina Hembree, 11, had a particular memorable moment for her. “(Hembree) told me her favorite thing in the school year was hearing me sing from class all the way into the hallway, so I’ll never forget that one,” Goshen said.

Former Ag teacher Joe McCain even featured in one of Goshen’s memories of GC. “ I came in my room and there was a seven-foot stuffed dragon on my floor,” she said. “I think he got it from Madrigal.”

Goshen’s former colleagues wish her well.

“Yoshi-Goshi is an amazing person,” Sears said. “She is enthusiastic, kind, and hardworking. Any school will be lucky to have her.”

“She came to Greenfield-Central as a new teacher and has moved on with a great deal of experience and confidence in the visual arts and teaching skills she possesses,” Weiland said.