Band ends season at Semi-State

by Analicia Cass/Staff Writer

Marching band finishes their season at Semi-State with their heads held high, having lost by just 0.2 points.

On Saturday, Oct. 28, GC’s very own took the field in competition. They performed as they would any competition with the added pressure of advancing to state or not. Although all of them were excited to be there, they had to remain a certain professionalism to represent Greenfield Central well. “We were super excited, yet we were very composed. We had our eyes on the prize,” said Liahona Lukens, 12, Color Guard.

After hours of practicing earlier that morning, they had worked out the mess-ups and mishaps. They worked through the show many times to fully prepare themselves. By the time they got to the competition they were prepared and ready to compete. Lukens claimed, “That was the best showing of the Cougar Pride that has ever been.”

The anticipation and excitement of awaiting scores is high. It all comes down to 6 judges. Lukens said, “If they don’t like you idea or the execution, you will not advance.”

When judges announce state advancers, they go in order of performance order. When they passed of GC Cougar Pride, there was a lot of confusion and many emotions. “I was honestly more confused and a little angry,” said Jackson Sipes, 11, brass. 

Jonathan Barber, 12, said the results were surprising.

“I think the hard part for us as a group was to think how to win a regional and get 11th at semi-state so it’s just kind of like we were in a lot of shock.“

Garrett Bice, 12, said the band’s performance was good but wondered if it was good enough. “It was high caliber but I wouldn’t say it was the best we could have given. There was definitely a little more that could have been given.”

Barber said, “There was never a time where I felt like that a person wasn’t trying their best. You kind of got to trust the guy next to you.”

The band had a strong season with many first places. They practiced hard for hours through the hot summer and the cold autumn. It all came down to six judges at every competition and for these judges the show was ultimately not able to be performed at state.