World Language cook-off presents food, fun

by Mariam Elassal/Staff Writer

Every year, Greenfield Central’s World Language teachers host an annual cook off. This cook off counts as extra credit towards students enrolled in a language class. Students cook foods ranging from French and German to Latin dishes. Many students and teachers look forward to this event every year.

The annual cook off takes place the week before Thanksgiving, and it was originally proposed to the language department by Ms. Sonja Jaggers, Spanish teacher. “The cook off is an event we look forward to and it gives students an opportunity to prepare a dish from a country that speaks the language that they are studying in class,” Mrs. Paula Perry stated. The students can also go around and sample food from around the world as well as meet the international students.

The dishes are judged on taste, appearance, and authenticity. This year’s winners were Jasmine Andis, 12 with macaroons for French; Chloe Pike, 11 with apple crisp for German; Thomas Fralich, 10 with pork and chicken tacos for Spanish; and Elaine Hilton, 11 with tres leches cake for Spanish dessert.

To prepare for this event, the language teachers split up the preparation tasks. They get flags for the international students to carry in the flag ceremony, and they take pictures to frame and hang in the international courtyard. “We publicize the event, arrange for judges, print materials, get prizes for our winners, buy supplies, decorate the cafeteria, etc.” Perry said.

Jasmine Andis was one of the winners of the competition with her macaroons. “I personally love macaroons, so when I signed up I thought about making something that I love for other people to love as wel,” Andis stated. She also mentioned, “It is my senior year and I thought it would be a great stress reliever.”  

Anna Scott, 11 made Mexican cinnamon cookies. “I thought there were a lot of people this year, and a big variety of food,” she said.

Danielle Zell, 11 who made guacamole, stated, “There was a big turn out, and people from all grades were there.”

The cook off is an event that many students look forward to in their language classes every year. “This is a great event and I wish I would have done it sooner because it is amazing,” Andis stated.

Mrs. Erika Amador, Spanish teacher, said “I think it went really well. We had a good number of students. It was a lot of fun.”  

Perry also stated, “It is an event we look forward to every year and it continues to get bigger and bigger each year.”