The pros and cons of Valentine’s Day

by Ella Hunsinger/Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day has always been a two-sided holiday. For some people, it is a day to celebrate the love you have for your significant other. For others, it is just a reminder of how single they are.

I was curious to find out how couples benefited from this holiday, or if they thought this day holiday was necessary. Valentine’s Day has always been controversial, in regards to it being necessary or not. There are also several stigmas surrounding the holiday, giving it a somewhat bad reputation. Society has made this day more of a chore than a time to celebrate. Therefore, couples in relationships have to meet certain expectations that single people do not.

I discussed the benefits of this holiday with a few teachers around the school, who all have a different relationship status. The first teachers I asked were Mrs. (Jill) and Mr. (Jeff) Slinker. They are a married couple with similar views on the holiday. Without Valentine’s Day, “we would be fine. There are expectations that need to be fulfilled if you are in a relationship. If you are single, the day is made to make you feel bad about yourself,” said Mrs. Slinker. Her husband, Mr. Slinker, agreed that the holiday was not necessary.

In addition to getting a married couple’s perspective, I wanted to get a better understanding of how single people might feel on this day. I decided to interview Ms. Erin Grimes and Ms. Sonja Jaggers.

“This holiday is unnecessary because we should be told that we are loved every day,” stated Grimes. However, Jaggers did not feel the same. “Valentine’s Day is absolutely necessary. It is one day set aside to love one another and show your appreciation to the ones you love. We can all benefit from this.”

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate love, but also a day for people to reflect on past and present relationships. Whether you are single, married, dating, or divorced, we could all use an extra dose of love and happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day to all.