Greenfield elderly offer their views

by Halle Wynn/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: National Honor Society members spend time with residents of Greenfield Health Care.

The Greenfield-Central newspaper staff decided to get the inside scoop on the opinions and views of senior citizens, living in Greenfield. The young speak their minds, but what about the other views in this world? What about the elderly views? Elders feature more experience and knowledge, compared to the young. What is their opinion of the world, on the society, and all it is ‘advancements’ that have been recently occurring?

“In society today, you don’t know who has the right to state their opinion and you also don’t know who your neighbors are,” Betsy Keir, age 77, asserts passionately.

“People should have the nobility to sit down and consider everybody’s opinions. Now people go solo with the theme of it is ‘my way or the highway,’” said Dan Riley, age 68.

“Human beings are different these days, humans have different values and interests,” stated Mary Walker, age 90. Values are critical to living. They are critical, due to your values supporting the decisions that you choose to perform, both negative and positive. Recently, the world as a whole, has values that revolve around technology.  “It seems like this new generation was born with knowing how to work technology,” added Walker.


Driving is an art that the majority of the population, enjoys. Scott Kleine, age 72, said that “there are too many distracted drivers.” Years ago, humans did not have this type of easy transportation that people may take for granted. Most relied on riding bikes, buses, or simply walking. “Everything is so much faster. Everything around me seems to be creating speed and having a faster pace,” affirmed Norman Kleifgen, age 81.

It is interesting how things change, throughout the years. Now, the majority of citizens turn to their phones for entertainment and connections, rather than going outside to play kickball or visiting the nearest food pantry to volunteer and help the less fortunate. “Excellence could arise in different ways, when people contribute their time to helping others,” said Walker. “When people help others it shows their humanity.”


History is a part of our lives. History shows what and where we were made from. Different races, genders, and religions, live together in this world. Kleifgen believes, “Anytime in history when different cultures or colors are joined together, hatred composes.” Hatred has frequently been a problem in this society. “People might not know this but if we put aside all the hatred and cruelty, everyone could have the chance to succeed.”


In previous decades, the normal thing was for wives to clean and cook, while their husbands work and brought home the money. Now, everyone has the equal opportunity to employ themselves and have the option to nurture a family or not. In addition, anybody and everybody has an opinion about what they might or might not choose to do with their life and their career. Robert Kons, age 84, suggested, “If we did things right in the world, the world would probably come out better than what it currently is.” Kons, believes everyone should have an opinion, but sadly everybody doesn’t care enough to have an opinion. “It is up to us to make sure the world is a good place and to make sure every citizen of this world has an opinion, but even that is hard to do.”