GC students provide prom dress shopping advice

by Hannah Rains/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Sarah Lucas, FCCLA vice-president of community service, inventories prom dresses for the dress drive. 

Prom dresses can get expensive. Some GC students have some suggestions on how to save money when dress shopping.  For example, FCCLA is hosting a prom dress drive March 12-16 after school and during enrichment blocks. This is for anyone that doesn’t want to spend too much money on a prom dress.  Dresses are only going to be $10.

The money that FCCLA makes from this drive will be used to purchase thread, sewing supplies and dry cleaning for FCCLA to do alterations and clean the dresses that get donated, said FCCLA vice-president of STAR events, Rayannon Overman, 12. Any donations of dresses can be dropped off at the main office.

“We are hoping that many students who wouldn’t normally go to prom or that don’t want to spend a lot of money on a dress will decide to go,” said Overman. “That way we can have as many people from our class there as possible so that everyone can enjoy themselves.”

Megan Roberts, 11, typically devotes a lot of time to finding the right prom dress.

“What I look for in a prom dress when I shop is something that fits my style and that will make me feel confident,” Roberts said.  “Also, I try to avoid the color I wore the year before.”

Roberts said she would buy a vintage dress if it fit her style and was something she personally felt she would look good wearing.

“I have done a prom dress drive before at New Pal and I never find anything for me that I would really like, but I think they are a great idea for someone who cannot afford an expensive dress.”

Roberts offered another tip on saving money on prom dresses. “What I do to save the on the cost of my prom dress would be I go to stores such as Macy’s or Windsor that have cheaper dresses compared to a prom dress store,” she said.

Kate Thompson, 12, said when she shops for prom dresses, she normally looks at the color of the dress and the way it looks. Thompson said she would be interested in the prom dress drive.

“New prom dresses cost way to much money and it is only for a one night thing so why spend a lot of money on a dress I’m going to wear one time?” Thompson asked.

“A prom dress drive is a good idea because it would give you more options and probably cost way less,” said Thompson.