Celebrating Women’s History Month

by Ella Hunsinger/Staff Writer

Women’s History Week was originally discussed in 1981, when Congress passed a law proposing Women’s History Week.  This later led to recognition of Women’s History Month in 1987. The month of March focuses on empowering and celebrating women. Many schools around the world hold small celebrations to educate adolescents about the importance of this holiday and month.

The woman has played a huge part in history in all aspects of life. They have taken on careers such as U.S. Senators and Representatives, Secretaries of State, astronauts, engineers, and human rights activists. They have changed and influenced history in tremendous ways. Women such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Oprah Winfrey, Jeannette Rankin (the first woman to hold a federal office), Condoleezza Rice, Michelle Obama, and Valentina Tereshkova (the first woman to fly in space) have all proven this to be true.

This month can be seen as controversial because of how and why it is celebrated. Many citizens feel strongly about this topic, and individuals might be curious to see how certain women feel about this holiday.  Lydia McIntire,11, women’s basketball player here at Greenfield Central said she felt Women’s History Month could be more acknowledge “I do not think we give this month enough recognition because I have only seen it all over social media for one day, also known as the official Women’s Day.” This has been a common statement within the community of women. Women’s History Month is relevant because it allows people to reflect on the importance of women.

The next question that has concerned many is “why is this month important/not important?” Jessica Farrell, 12, also a women’s basketball player at Greenfield Central, responded, “This is an important month because women have been through many things over the centuries and we deserve recognition for overcoming all of it.

Abby Phillips, 11, a dancer at Greenfield Central, thought we could give the issue a bigger platform. She stated that, “Social media is a good way to spread the word because it can reach a lot of people.” This was a very common response. In conclusion, Women’s History Month is an important time to celebrate the achievements and equality of not just women, but everyone. This month should be constant reminder of all the amazing things women did, and still do for the world.