Blue Fusion competes in nationals first time in 10 years

by Mariam Elassal/Staff Writer

Photo: The Blue Fusion dance team practices for nationals. 

The Blue Fusion dance team competed in nationals for the first time in 10 years, on March 4. While creating lifelong memories and practicing harder than ever before, the girls on the dance team are more confident with stronger technique than ever before. With state finals on having been on Feb. 10, the girls were practicing with high expectation and goals. “These girls– they worked hard, fought back, and kept going even when their hearts told them they couldn’t,” Coach Brittany Nigh-Tang stated.

At state finals, the team placed 3rd in state for their dance routine Pom. They placed 9th in Jazz. The girls were ecstatic to place in the top three.

Prior to nationals, after making it out a prelims, the dance team’s dreams became a reality. They got to travel out of state to compete in nationals. “We made our routines extremely difficult this year because we knew we wanted to be strong competitively, not just to go participate,” Nigh-Tang said. She also stated their pom routine was “wicked fast,” and the other teams looked like they were in slow motion compared to the GC team.

A lot of pre-season conditioning and planning went into the dance season. Nigh-Tang and her choreographer begann working on new skills after state for the next year. The girls were required to condition and train 4-6 times a week including some 12 hour practices. When competition season begins, the team accepted criticism from judges.

“My personal goal this season is always just to perform better than I did last time. And also just to have fun with my teammates and to savor the moment because this is my last year and I’m not quite ready,” Dyanna Dorman, 12, stated.

Just like any other sport, there are struggles that are overcome by a solid team. “Preparing for nationals was rough because the floor is smaller than a gym floor which is what we usually perform on,” Dorman stated. To solve this problem, the coaches marked the floor into a square that the team couldn’t pass. They also practiced in the auditorium to get used to the stage feel and lights.