Band and guard groups ready for competition season

The Cold Seasons

by Aden Kropp and Matt Haggard/Staff Writers

Photo: Indoor Percussion practices for competition. 

Blaring music, a wonderful beat, and the sight of beautiful flags flying in the air. This all is happening today, just not at the same time. Winter winds, indoor percussion, and guard are all practicing extremely hard to be the very best in the world.

Winter winds consists of all instruments that you use your breath to play, hence the latter part of the title, winter winds. Jackson Sipes, 11, and a key player in the wind’s show, named “The Heist,” commented on how the season is going. “I feel the season is going great,” he says, “Compared to past seasons we are doing quite well. The show is better and all of the kids are playing better.” Winter winds are working tirelessly every Tuesday and Thursday to prepare themselves on their way to the top.

Evan Fontaine, 12, said, “I think the season is progressing really well. A lot of us are working hard, practicing really hard.

Jenna Parsons, also 12, said, “I think the season is going really well. I’ve been in it all four years and I’ve seen, obviously, how each year goes, and I think this year we started at a higher level than we have in the past and we are still continuing to grow and get better.”

Fontaine talked about the group’s goals. “I think our goal is to keep progressing so that we don’t plateau or steadily get worse. I think our main goal is to progress and get better at the same rate with the same intentions.


Parsons said, “Obviously we want to win all the points and win all the shows, but like Evan said, ultimately, our goal is to get better and to grow as people and as musicians and as performers so even if we don’t win all the points we can still be growing and continuing to get better.”

Both Parsons and Fontaine mentioned their pride in their groups.

Fontaine said, “I am proud of the awareness that failure can bring, a lot of success because you can just try again, try different things to learn from your mistakes and just get better.”

Parsons said, “I’m proud of seeing how far, not only how far I’ve come in percussion but how far other people have come. I remember in my first season, obviously it was not very good, and just knowing how much I’ve grown each year. I’m really proud of that and i’m also proud of seeing how our younger members start they start out and how they grow each season, even like within one season how they start and how they finish.”

Indoor percussion has beating drums, delicate bells, and pretty much anything you use your hands to play. Dustin Brewster, 12, also thought the season is going very well. “We have a lot of exciting concepts and really talented people to work with.” They work every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to train for their show, “Watching You.” This training seems to be paying off, as they have placed first at almost every competition so far, with a minor bump in the road last Saturday. Hopefully, this trend in success will continue as they continue to improve their spectacular show.

When you see flags soaring through the air, you think of one group, guard. The Guard’s season, named “Out of the Darkness,” is having a very interesting season. They have gone to 5 or 6 shows so far, each with mixed results.