Prom night approaches

by Ella Hunsinger/Staff Writer

As prom approaches, the school, as well as people attending prom, are preparing for the big night. Prom is a great way to celebrate and dance with friends. However, there are a lot of things that happen behind the scenes, to make the night go as planned. Staff and students all work hard to make the decor, music, lights, and food exceptional.

Staff members are a big part of the planning and assembling process that goes into prom. This being said, students also help by gathering information from other students to make sure the music, food, and so on are up to par. This is known as the prom committee. They are the reason prom is as great as it is. On a different note, students who are attending prom, but not helping plan it, also have jobs to fulfill. This includes getting their dress or tux, pictures, transportation, and dinner reservations (if applicable.)

Ms. Kristin Harker and Ms. Trisha Louden, both a part of the math department, are also junior class sponsors who help to plan prom. Both had a favorite part about planning the event. Harker stated, “Choosing the theme was the most exciting part.”

Louden, who is in her first year at Greenfield, stated, “My favorite part of planning prom was getting involved in the community and meeting some of the amazing parents that are willing to help out!”

Lydia McIntire and Hailey Dodds, both on the prom committee, had positive outlooks on the upcoming prom. McIntire said, “I am looking forward to seeing it all put together. And to make it the best prom yet.”

Dodds stated, “The thing I am looking forward to the most on the night of prom, is seeing that everything the committee has worked so hard to put together, has finally come into place and making it a memorable night for all students attending.”

Aubree Cole, 12, will be going to her last prom at GC. Cole said her advice to other seniors attending their last prom was, “Go all out, especially since it’s senior year. You only get to experience prom so many times in your life.”

Cole said, “My favorite thing about prom is dressing up with all of my friends and breaking it down on the dance floor with them!”