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GC discusses fall favorites

by Caitlin Marks-Chockley/Staff Writer

 Photo Caption: Mallorie Fultz, 10, Ashley Swango, 11, and Grace Silcox, 11,  work on fall crafts./Photo by Caitlin Marks-Chockley

From the air and the colors to the food, fun, and entertainment, fall is an amazingly popular season. It is a favorite to many people for many reasons. So what makes fall so amazing? Maybe it’s how “everything is just a much more vibrant, beautiful color,” as Star Caldwell, 10 said.

There are many favorites of fall, one of them being food. “I love food and all types of flavor during fall. Pumpkin spice, apple cider, and there’s new Bath and Body Works scents,” said Ava Anderson, 9.

Many people also like the chill in the air during this time of year. “It’s not hot, but it’s not freezing either,” said Taylor Johnson, 10.  

The weather is a really popular part about fall. “The weather is just right. It’s a nice cool temperature. I love wearing sweaters and hoodies in the fall but the weather and the look outside in the fall is just as beautiful as the other seasons,” said Ivy Rowe, 12.

“I can bundle up and not get hot. I can crawl into my bed and layer as many blankets as possible and hide myself from the world,” said Anniah Dibbern, 10.

It’s just something about leaves falling off trees and the transition from summer to winter that makes fall a good season. “The smell and feel of the air just feels nice,” said Gavin Sims, 10.

Many people believe that when fall comes around, it’s the end of fun. Well, that’s when creative minds get to work. “I like raking leaves and then jumping in them,” said Tyler Douglas, 10.

Whether it be bonfires, leaves, or sports, there is always time to make memories. “I like playing in the leaves. I make memories with my family,” said Hailee Martin, 9.

Sports and activities seem to be a favorite of fall. “It’s when the NBA season and college basketball season starts and it’s the time when the temperature is just right outside for the marching band to practice and go to competitions and be the best they can be,” said Dakota Atkinson, 11.

The chill air can be good and bad; it just depends on who you are. “I like the cold weather and being able to show school support without dying of heat,” said Jesse Meeks, 10. However, Abigail Hurst, 9, disagreed. “I like summer so much better than fall. I don’t like fall because it is too cold and I like the radiance of summer,” she said.

One Acts debut student directors

by Tommy Yazell/Staff Writer

Photo: Ms. Carolyn Voigt, theater director, speaks with Mae Griffin, 12, and Dean Camacho, 12, about One Acts. 

Dean Camacho, 12, Meghan Brown, 12, and Jules McGuire, 11, are directors for the theater department’s upcoming One Acts on Sept. . 28-30. The One Acts are three smaller shows that all happen on one night and they are going to be student-directed.
Camacho’s show is called So Alike and is about two very good friends who are at a birthday party. Throughout the play you find out more about them. Brown’s show is Superheroes: With Great Power Comes Ordinary Responsibility and is about superheroes and their normal lives.
Camacho said that the hardest part of directing his show is trying to make sure everyone is on the same page and everything is going smoothly. Camacho said that his favorite part of directing the show so far is “seeing my ideas that started out on paper come alive through the actors.”
Brown said that the hardest part of directing her show is trying to “stay committed to my actors so that they can learn and put on a good show, but I also have to talk with costumes, hair, and sound, etc. My favorite part has been being able to see the growth in my actors.”

All of the directors have acted in at least one show before and have enjoyed it. Camacho has acted in three shows and Brown has acted in every show since her freshman year. All three directors agree that the best night to come is Sept. 29, Saturday night, because that is when the actors are typically most confident and it is the best night for the shows. The head of the costume department is Serena Ashley-Yazell,  12. She is in charge of the entire costume department and of making sure that all of the costumes for the One Acts get made. Ashley-Yazell said that the hardest part is getting to be in charge and be creative as well as the pressure to get all of the costumes done in time and the pressure to close the show. Ashley-Yazell’s favorite costume she has ever made is Pippin’s armor from the show Pippin that the theater department did last year.

Boys’s soccer off to successful start

by Destiney Wray/Staff Writer

The boys’ soccer team just started their season, and they already have a record of 6-2. They lost several seniors last year, but they aren’t suffering by any means.

Varsity scored 11-0 against Delta recently.  Goalkeeper Abe Buescher, 10, was able to block every shot Delta took. Captain Zach Bell, 12, was able to get 3 goals and 2 assists. The season’s shutout accumulation right now is 4.

 Bell has been one of the captains all of this year, and was named captain halfway through the season last year. “(The title is) cool but means I have a lot more responsibility and so I always have to be doing my best on everything I do, especially with the little things,” Bell said.

Jacob Blevens, 10,  is a swing player for varsity and JV. He thinks this soccer season is different because of the freshman class. They have to help guide the freshman like the upperclassmen did with the 9th graders last year.  Bell and Blevens have said the same thing, that they don’t just chant that they’re family. “We are all like brothers,” Blevins said.

Bell said the team has improved a lot. “We lost a lot of people last year so that was a huge change for us so the best thing we did was work together and get used to each other. Even though we lost a lot of people I still believe we may be even better than last year”. The boys’ soccer team has about 4 games so far this season where they have

It’s important to try to get in a positive mood before games. Jason Scrivner, 9, said, “I listen to music to get in a positive mood and try to think about things that motivate me.” In a sport, you will usually do better if everyone works together.  Bell said, “I think we work very well. We always chant that we’re brothers, so we always have each other’s back.”

Cougar girls soccer on track to avenge sectional loss

by Abigail Hurst/Staff Writer 

Photo taken by Lizan Brand.

The GC girls’ soccer team has won five games out of six this season and are on track to avenge their close sectional loss from last year.

Morgan Murdoch, 10, said the girls’ work ethic is strong. “We never give up. We work for what we want.”

Kelsi McLaughlin, 9,  said the girls have improved a lot so far this season. “We pass a lot better, we move off the ball, and we talk to each other.” Murdoch also said, “I think that we have improved on looking up and knowing where we are going to pass.”

Macy Huber, 10, mentioned the team’s versatility.  “We are all bonded really well and we have so many players that can play multiple positions really well.”

Murdoch said, “We are doing awesome this year.” Huber also said, “This season I feel like we have really been working together a lot more.”

The girls’ soccer team prepares through their drills. They work diligently on shooting, scrimmaging, and on ball touches. Huber said, “Brazilians [are my favorite drill] because they really help me with my first touches on the ball.” Murdoch also said, “My favorite drill or part of practice is probably when we work on shooting and when we scrimmage.”

The soccer team’s most substantial rival is a neighboring school. Huber said, “Our biggest rival definitely has to be Mt. Vernon. They are our rival because they are another Hancock County School and we just work really had to beat them every year.”

Several members of the team said they are looking forward to playing New Palestine this year. “We are looking forward to the New Palestine game the most I feel like because they have some really good players. They can play multiple positions just like some of the girls on our team,” Huber said.

Murdoch complimented the coach, Erin Clark.  Murdoch said, “ I like that she doesn’t give up on us. She pushes us because she know we can do it and she does so much for our team.”

Huber said,  “I really like her because she pushes us to our maximum potential.”

  Emily Davidson, 11, also had admiration for her coach. “She invests a lot into the team and our season, and she cares about us all individually.” Lucy Brand, 12, also said, “I love her because she is not only a really good coach, but I can talk to her on a personal level about whatever I might need.”

Huber talked about the team and their camaraderie. She said, “I love being on this team because we all work really good together, and we all work for each other so the team as a whole can succeed. I feel like we are all forming a bond that is helping us be a whole when we get on the game field.”

Brand shared her opinion about the team and their conviviality. “My favorite part about being part of the team is the friendships that have been made throughout it. I’m really happy I could end my senior season on a good note.”

Murdoch also talked about the team and their fellowship. “I like being on the team because of having the support of the girls and just having a fun season together.”  Schuyler Slunaker, 10, also said,Soccer season is my favorite season just because I feel comfortable with the team. It’s like a family with all of the players.”



Cross country team runs toward success

By Kaitlyn Koehler/ Staff Writer

Photo by Gracie Blake/Catamount Staff

Whether it’s pacing themselves or sprinting, the cross country team makes themselves known. With runners like Conner Kinnaman, 11, William Wickham, 12, Sarah Muckerheide, 12, and Audrey Brinkruff, 10, there is a lot of experience on the team. New PR’s (personal records) are being met every meet, along with new accomplishments.

So far this season, boys varsity and girls varsity have accomplished quite a bit. Boys varsity first started the season with an overall 5th place finish at Hamilton Hokum Karem. The meet consisted of two runners becoming one team. Each had to run three miles, eventually making up a full six miles. Parker Niemeier, 12 and Kinnaman missed 5th place by just a hair. Among the other teams running were Luke Muckerheide, 10 and Matt Wickham, 9 who finished in 17th, Caleb Short, 10 and Jonah Fletcher, 10 who finished in 22nd place, and William Wickham and Gage Guinen, 10 finishing in 24th place.

Every runner wishes to accomplish great things. Boys varsity has already finished in 5th place with the Cougarpalooza, 7th at Columbus North, and 5th at the Pendleton Heights Arabian Roundup. Girls Varsity has finished 3rd in the Cougarpalooza, 12th at Columbus North, 6th at the Triton Central Early Bird Invitational.

Sarah Muckerheide has several notable goals for herself. “My hope for the season is to run a good enough time to get my name on our school’s cross country Top 10 board. I also hope to qualify for the semi-state competition,” said Muckerheide.

With this season so far, there is no surprise when it comes to teamwork. “I am greatly enjoying the season so far. The team is looking very strong and I am excited to see what the team can do,” William Wickham, 12, said of the cross country season. For Wickham, it’s all about bettering the team and himself. “I plan on working really hard to get my times faster so I can better help the team. My hopes, as team captain and a senior on the team, is to impact the team in a positive way.” 

Every season is different and has its own perks. “This season has been really fun, just like all of the others. The freshmen have proven to be a very important factor to our team. I look forward to the betterment of next year as they settle into the swing of things,” said Kinnaman, 11.

Kinnaman commented on the relationship of the team. “As a team, we need to work on keeping our tempers with each other. We all get along relatively well, but whenever a dispute arises we are pretty quick to start yelling at each other. It’s just a unique form of “brotherly love,” if you will. We’re all like siblings to each other,” Kinnaman  said.

Photo by Gracie Blake/Catamount staff


lovelytheband’s newest album does not disappoint

By Kaitlyn Koehler/ Staff Writer

“Every once in a while, there is an album that makes you feel less alone,” noted Tina Roumeliotis from her Aug. 3 blog about  Finding it Hard to Smile, an album by lovelytheband, written on The Daily Listening.com.  lovelytheband has a way of making you feel good about yourself and your problems. The band keeps upbeat songs while also having relatable topics that people are going through. Finding it Hard to Smile is the only complete album of the band. The album was released on August 3, 2018, and consists of 16 songs, each having a different message.

There are times in your life when a song hits you hard. The song, “maybe, i’m afraid” happens to be one of those. The song deals with relationships and the struggles you face. “Maybe I’m just too good. Maybe I’ll run away. Maybe I’m over you. Maybe I shouldn’t stay. Maybe I just don’t care. Maybe I talk too much. But baby I’ll be there. Yeah, baby I’ll be there. It’s been a little hard. I’ve been a little tough. But maybe all along. I’m afraid.”  The song hits you head on with these thoughts. People often find themselves in this same situation. The message behind the song is, maybe you just don’t want to lose them.

I like that you’re broken, broken like me. Maybe that makes me a fool.” “Broken” remains one of the most popular songs of the band. The song was released in 2017 and debuted as number one on the Alternative Songs airplay chart. The song remained as number one for 9 consecutive weeks. The song has dropped to number six as of July 21st.

Roumeliotis wrote, “On the band’s debut, Finding It Hard To Smile, we’re given a glimpse into a world of hope, letdowns, pain, love, and all the little things that come along with dealing with anxiety and depression while searching for someone who can actually handle all of these things.” Roumeliotis further gives explanation of why this album is “definitely something to smile about.”

All in all, lovelytheband has shown that even through tough times, you can still rise up and become a better person. Going through breakups and depression can’t hold you back. You may have a time in your life when you feel like everything is falling apart. This band lets you know that there is always someone to help you out. There is always someone who is experiencing what you are feeling. According to the song “Emotion”, it’s ok to not be happy. It’s ok to not want to leave your room or the couch.

Finding it Hard to Smile may not be my favorite album out there, but I do have a better time enjoying the songs when I relate to them. There were some songs I liked, and there were some I did not like. “These are my friends” and “Emotion” are not what I would have expected. Listening to the other songs made me have higher hope for the whole album. These two songs, in my opinion, did not reach that level I wanted. I expected those songs to give off a happier feel, but they did not. However, the other 14 songs left me feeling a little better about the problems I face.

If I had to rate the album, I would give it a solid 7 out of 10. The upbeat music made the messages behind the album feel like life isn’t bad enough to give up. Although there were a couple songs I did not connect to, I still enjoyed the fun beat. I have high hopes for lovelytheband for the future. I will be crossing my fingers for a new album release!

Photo from,  https://www.google.com/search?biw=1366&bih=567&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=QfebW_TTE8aKtQXH4I_wDA&q=finding+it+hard+to+smile+album+cover&surl=1&safe=active&ssui=on#imgrc=QByy5yPFrxN_LM:

Dramatic rom-com captures the hearts of its viewers

by Rachael Gilkison/Staff Writer

This Cinderella upgrade has caught the interest of both journalists and the public alike for its captivating novelty romance. This was an amazing movie that made hearts swoon as Rachel and Nick fell in love. In this fantastic film, a poor Chinese girl falls in love with her Prince Charming, deemed a “crazy rich Asian” by Goh Pek Lin, the best friend of main character Rachel. (Awkwafina).

Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) has no idea that her boyfriend belongs to Singapore’s elite. This movie’s great characters aren’t the only thing that has been attracting the media’s attention; it’s also an incredible amount of diversity and romance that makes hearts sing as an added bonus.

Rachel first discovers that Nick (Henry Goulding) is basically Asia’s Prince Harry when she is invited to go to Nick’s best friend’s wedding. When Rachel and Nick board the plane to leave, Rachel is quick to point out that she can’t afford their first class suite. Nick then confesses that his family lives comfortably.

Nick is Singapore’s most eligible bachelor, so it is not hard to imagine that people were a little less than happy that he was dating someone that didn’t fit his current status. Nick, unlike his family and close friends, doesn’t care that Rachel doesn’t come from money like he does.

Rachel is an economics professor in New York who is completely oblivious to Nick’s wealth and power. Rachel tries her best to fit in with Nick’s family and friends, but she suffered a lot of scrutiny because of the fact that she is not rich or influential.

The leader of the “Kick Rachel to the Curb club” is Eleanor Young, Nick’s mother (Michelle Yeoh). From the start, Eleanor made it clear that she did not like Rachel. Eleanor blatantly told Rachel that “she will never be enough”. Though Eleanor is just trying to look out for her son, she gave a lot of tough love that Rachel couldn’t handle.

Though everyone seems to have it out for Rachel, she finds safety in her best friend Goh Pek Lin . Pek Lin provides great comic relief throughout the entire movie. She provided lots of comfort to Rachel when she felt like no one really wanted her in Singapore. She also helped Rachel fit in with the rich bigwigs.

Not only does Crazy Rich Asians have an amazing set of characters, it also has an all-Asian cast. Though this may not seem like a big deal, considering that that last all-Asian cast movie, The Joy Luck Club, came out in 1993, this is huge for the Asian-American community.

As if this movie couldn’t get any better, it follows the book perfectly. Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians series is already popular, and as the success of his movie grew, so did his book series. There are three books in the Crazy Rich Asians series.

This movie has been incredibly popular and has earned much of the public’s love.  The film has encouraged people to better accept who they are instead of trying to be someone else.  In China Rich Girlfriend, the second book in the series, Kwan wrote: “Just because some people actually work for their money doesn’t mean they are beneath you.” The theme of equality is an important one throughout the series, and especially in the recent film. 

Credit for Photo: http://www.digitalspy.com/movies/feature/a865363/crazy-rich-asians-2-china-rich-girlfriend-release-date-plot-cast-2nd-book/


Humane society offers pets, pet supplies

by Adam Bright/Staff Writer   

If you have ever wanted to adopt a cat, the Hancock County Humane Society is the place for you. The Hancock County Humane Society has many cats to adopt from kittens to older cats. One of these is Wylie who has been with them for almost 8 years.

   The Hancock County Humane Society is a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter. They’re completely funded by donations and staffed by volunteers. Beverly Reece, the Humane Society’s treasurer, stated, “The main goal of the Humane Society is to find pets new homes and to reunite lost pets with their owners.”  

Since they are a no-kill shelter, all well-tempered and healthy cats at the Humane Society have a home there until they are adopted, no matter how long it takes. Heather White, the vice-president of the Humane Society, said, “The cats at the Humane Society have a permanent home here until they can find them a permanent and safe home to live in. The longest current resident, Wylie, has been with us for almost 8 years.”

   They only currently take cats, though. White said “We don’t have enough room and volunteers to have dogs. Dogs need more constant care and space.” The shelter staff does refer people who bring in dogs to other local organizations.

The Hancock County Humane Society currently has an estimated 30 cats at their shelter and more in foster homes. The Humane Society has been finding cats homes since their founding in 1977. According to Reece, the Hancock County Humane Society has an estimated 30- 40 volunteers who work to give cats the daily care and attention they need.

The Humane Society also has a pet food pantry to supply pet food to people who can’t afford it. According to their website, they gave away 4,000 pounds of dog food and 2,000 pounds of cat food in 2017. They also recycle aluminum cans at their faculty.

The Humane Society holds low-cost vaccination clinics with local veterinarians to provide pet owners with low-cost vaccines. Also, they promote education in the community of responsible pet ownership and spaying and neutering.

The Humane Society could always use more donations and volunteers from the local community. Anyone above the age of 13 can volunteer at the Humane Society. According to their brochure, they need donations of cat food (IAMS), scoopable and non-scoopable cat litter, heavy duty paper towels, bleach, 42+ gallons contractor bags, and 30-gallon heavy duty trash bags. They also need newspapers to line the cages, litter boxes, and under food bowls. Cash donations are also needed to pay the Humane Society’s bills.

The Humane Society has been caring for and finding animals new permanent homes for many years. Their motto is “Kindness to Animals Inevitably Leads to Kindness to People.”

The importance of becoming “greener”

by Halle Wynn/Staff Writer

Photo: Charles Lawrence, 9, demonstrates the importance of recycling. 

Saving the planet is as easy as turning off your lights, right before you leave for a long night. Turning off your lights can not only decrease electric bills, but save energy that individuals can utilize later on. People have to understand that the planet is polluted by trash and pollution  acts at a constant rate. Mr. John Rihm, science department, provided his definition of pollution as, “any substance that is introduced into the environment that is harmful.” In addition, Ms. Rebecca Fields, science department, added, “Pollution is an overabundance of something that is natural in the system or something that is unnatural in a natural system.”

Have you ever come in contact with a green or blue bin that features a “chasing arrows” symbol that is located on the center of the bin? These are recycling bins. Recycling bins help encourage people throughout the world, to recycle their waste. In schools, these bins are positioned in every classroom and every office. When a student is handed back a paper and does not feel the need to keep it, the student should go over to the recycling box. Putting reusable papers in the trash kills more trees and injures the land that we call home. Additionally, many towns, cities, and even organizations, promote this healthy behavior by advertising slogans and signs. In example, “Reduce, reuse, and recycle” is an old slogan that Rihm said is still valid.

Not only is technology one of the major priorities to humans, but technology destroys our planet from the 1970’s when the first mobile phone was produced, to this generation’s Apple’s iPhone. To that extent, when a cell phone becomes a “dinosaur” or outdated, it is trashed, which then adds to the endless pile of pollution. Ms. Candy Smith, science department, said, “Technology has added to that trash pile with outdated devices.” To prevent more pollution; Fields suggested, “educating individuals so that they are not persuaded by the misinformation that technology gives.” If America provides education about what is happening to our planet, the youth would think differently and criticize the actions that they might or might not, choose to act on. As a matter of fact, Smith also added, “The youth better realize that the trash they produce now, will be here the rest of their lives.”

Although most of America has clean water, countries such as Uganda, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Cambodia, Ghana, Nepal, Pakistan, and Mexico, do not, according to a recent US News article. Water is necessary for a human being to survive. When citizens are provided with dirty water, it leads to not only diseases, but destruction as well. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, about 801,000 children younger than 5 years of age perish from diarrhea each year, mostly in developing countries. This amounts to 11% of the 7.6 million deaths of children under the age of five and means that about 2,200 children are dying every day as a result of diarrheal diseases.  If people in developed countries  were to donate just a few cents to those who are not as privileged, the world would slowly become a better place. According to Wateraid, 844 million people do not have clean drinking water and that is a big problem that could turn into an even greater conflict that could eventually wipe out third world countries.

       Furthermore, rising sea levels are currently occurring in tropical areas of our world. This increase in water is a result that is caused by global warming. In fact, Oxford Living Dictionaries defines the phrase of global warming as “a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere…” Therefore, global warming is a dangerous aspect that is surprisingly not only damaging our world, but soon destructing the earth as a whole.

Smith believes, “Very few recycle.” This worldwide issue has increased throughout the years, starting with the third-world countries such as Haiti. Looking at all the worldwide issues that individuals face in the world today, poverty and pollution are at the top of the list.

“We have to figure out a way to recycle more,” added Smith. In society today, finding more ways to save the planet seems like a difficult task to accomplish. Although this world struggles, with all the damage stationed around, a low majority of people commit their time to making the planet a better and safe place for us to live in.

Some ways that those citizens commit their time to help protecting Mother Nature include: reusing their containers, recycling their ink cartridges, buying rechargeable batteries, buying cloth bags instead of paper or plastic, donating to charity, utilizing cloth towels rather than paper towels, and purchasing recyclable items that citizens can reuse in the further future. Overall, people should contribute their time to earthly actions that could help the world and help Mother Nature become more and more healthier, each passing day. As a matter of fact, Stephen Hawking once said, “We are in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity. We cannot remain looking inwards at ourselves on a small and increasingly polluted and overcrowded planet.”


Source: http://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/publiced/earthday/what.htm


Band and guard groups ready for competition season

The Cold Seasons

by Aden Kropp and Matt Haggard/Staff Writers

Photo: Indoor Percussion practices for competition. 

Blaring music, a wonderful beat, and the sight of beautiful flags flying in the air. This all is happening today, just not at the same time. Winter winds, indoor percussion, and guard are all practicing extremely hard to be the very best in the world.

Winter winds consists of all instruments that you use your breath to play, hence the latter part of the title, winter winds. Jackson Sipes, 11, and a key player in the wind’s show, named “The Heist,” commented on how the season is going. “I feel the season is going great,” he says, “Compared to past seasons we are doing quite well. The show is better and all of the kids are playing better.” Winter winds are working tirelessly every Tuesday and Thursday to prepare themselves on their way to the top.

Evan Fontaine, 12, said, “I think the season is progressing really well. A lot of us are working hard, practicing really hard.

Jenna Parsons, also 12, said, “I think the season is going really well. I’ve been in it all four years and I’ve seen, obviously, how each year goes, and I think this year we started at a higher level than we have in the past and we are still continuing to grow and get better.”

Fontaine talked about the group’s goals. “I think our goal is to keep progressing so that we don’t plateau or steadily get worse. I think our main goal is to progress and get better at the same rate with the same intentions.


Parsons said, “Obviously we want to win all the points and win all the shows, but like Evan said, ultimately, our goal is to get better and to grow as people and as musicians and as performers so even if we don’t win all the points we can still be growing and continuing to get better.”

Both Parsons and Fontaine mentioned their pride in their groups.

Fontaine said, “I am proud of the awareness that failure can bring, a lot of success because you can just try again, try different things to learn from your mistakes and just get better.”

Parsons said, “I’m proud of seeing how far, not only how far I’ve come in percussion but how far other people have come. I remember in my first season, obviously it was not very good, and just knowing how much I’ve grown each year. I’m really proud of that and i’m also proud of seeing how our younger members start they start out and how they grow each season, even like within one season how they start and how they finish.”

Indoor percussion has beating drums, delicate bells, and pretty much anything you use your hands to play. Dustin Brewster, 12, also thought the season is going very well. “We have a lot of exciting concepts and really talented people to work with.” They work every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to train for their show, “Watching You.” This training seems to be paying off, as they have placed first at almost every competition so far, with a minor bump in the road last Saturday. Hopefully, this trend in success will continue as they continue to improve their spectacular show.

When you see flags soaring through the air, you think of one group, guard. The Guard’s season, named “Out of the Darkness,” is having a very interesting season. They have gone to 5 or 6 shows so far, each with mixed results.